The beginning of this video is fairly biased – Andrea Mitchell looks at the small picture as to what went on in this Israeli boarding of the “Floatilla” — Barney Frank (Surprisingly enough) takes a much broader appreciation for Israel’s reaction to the “Floatilla”

Please watch both segments — but take note of the real arguements discussed by Barney Frank starting at 4:10 of this video.

This is an incredible video that has many points that you need to look into:

  1. Israel being made the “Bad Guy” – despite video evidence of self defense
  2. Israel’s right to a blockade – The groups behind the “Floatilla” (IHH and Free Gaza) have connections to political groups that advocate for the elimination of Israel.
  3. Past connections with IHH and Free Gaza supporting Anti-Israel movements
  4. Egypt, Cypress, and Israel all requesting the “Floatilla” dock for inspection (which the “Floatilla” denied)
  5. Israel accepting responsiblity for a “poorly” executed opperation
  6. No outrage over North Korea sinking a South Korean ship — but with this, there is international outrage

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