Below is a person’s comment on this video – Glad to see the facts he backed that statement up with…

The worst President in American history was Ronald Reagan Followed by Bush Jr then Bush Sr.

Carter should be viewed among the best Presidents in terms of things he stood for that we should have listened to

Obama is taking over a destroyed country, there is not much he can do when America is now a sh** hole and it has been destroyed by the Republicans

Getting back to the video, it still amazes me that instead of easing away from oil – this administration is intent on pushing us into a “Green Economy” — when the “Green Economy” is the last thing people are thinking about right now.

There are more important things going on than trying to pass your agenda — The BP oil spill was not a “window” to appeal to the American heart regarding “Green Energy”.  In fact, most people are opposed to the moratorium — Democrats and Republicans realize, the moratorium is the shut-down of an entire industry…that will never return.

The giant oil rigs off the coast won’t just sit there — they’re already being bid on by other countries.  And if they go away — they won’t come back…But I think the president knows that.