By Kenan Knight – Future Voices

The trinity of Reid, Pelosi and Obama have spent $787 BILLION so far to create jobs. What “jobs” you ask? Well if you question the administration you will hear the same rhetoric. Even Vice President Joe Biden has told us how they have created or saved – 3 million.

“Everyone now acknowledges there would be somewhere between 2.5 (million) and 3.6 million fewer jobs available today, fewer people working today, were it not for the Recovery Act” -Vice President Biden

Thats right peeps, $787 BILLION has created 3 million jobs. Now put your calculator away, I have already done the math for you. These are some extremely well paying jobs. Thats right, each job created should have a salary of $262,333. Ahhh, governmnet efficiency at its best!

Lets look at this from another perspective. Obama could have given 15,740,000 people $50,000 – now that seems like a stimulus to me. This doesn’t make the case for government running efficiently.  A good question to ask is: Who can spend our money best, us or government? This is a classic case of big government thinking they can spend our money however they feel. What do you think this kind of debt and spending will mean for us in 20 years? Ben Bernake the Charmain of the Federal Reserve told the House Budget Committee last month:

“Our nation’s fiscal position has deteriorated appreciably since the onset of the financial crisis and the recession… the U.S. economy continues a slow, painful recovery, but Congress must prepare to address an unsustainable level of debt in the federal budget” -Ben Bernanke

I for one would not like to be indebted for the rest of my life.

Will we ever stand up and say enough is enough? Check this out to see how your money has been spent: