By:  ‘Pub’ Valerius -Op-ed -Future Voices

As our Great Leader the Messiah might say,  Andrew Breitbart acted “stupidly” in posting a video which did not provide context or was not in its completion.   But this is the result of a liberal governing philosophy.  Even when Conservatives were in power or were in ascendancy, liberals retained the upper hand in our institutions, in our culture, in our schools.  For it is the Conservative that grants freedom to the individual, and therefore by our nature, we allow behavior and discordant ramblings within the public sphere.  To license their behavior would be antithetical to the conservative American construct.

And therein lies the irony – Conservatives DO have a suicide pact.  Freedom requires opposing thoughts and viewpoints.  The authoritarian left does not.  It crushes them.  Conservatives really believe in your rights to one person, one vote;  liberals seek to enforce group rights, and group think, and group votes.  No greater example is the 2008 election, where in a country that 150 years earlier Barack Obama would have not been given a legitimate chance, large numbers of white voters voted for him as President.  By contrast, black voters have historically, at rates of 95% and higher, voted for the doctrinaire liberal or the black candidate.

Most importantly, this suicide pact allows for continual losses at the polls for Conservatives:  to be Conservative, you must choose to believe in the principles of the free market, the Constitution, and a freely liberal society.  Whereas the authoritarian left already has determined what group you belong to – based upon your race, color, ethnicity, gender (or transgender).  You don’t choose, you are assigned.  And when assigned, you vote for the groups interests.  Once properly assigned, the left then promises rewards for your group.  You ultimately never see those rewards, since they are dispersed amongst the leadership of your group, but you believe you have been empowered by taking from the public trough – enabled through your assignment in your group.  This in turn makes gathering leftist votes much easier than galvanizing conservatives.  When you couple this with the extreme voter theft found on the left, and you have a system inherently tilted to one party rule.

This value system, even during the era of Reagan, has eroded the very fabric of the American experience.  Your 401k’s, IRA’s and retirement plans, are run by corporate institutions that rebelled against their elders, burned draft cards, refused to fight in a war against communism, and rejected the traditional values of their parents (er, liberals on the left).  In many cases that cultural revolution improved the democratic American system – the Civil Rights movement changed the black experience in this country and forever eliminated the “separate but equal” mantra ensconced in Supreme Court jurisprudence.  (Lost among the media elite is the fact that Republicans helped pass the Civil Rights Act and similar laws with a bipartisan coalition – overcoming the “NO” votes of the late Robert Byrd and Al Gore’s father, but I digress).

However, the undercurrent of the radical 60’s was not just a rejection of values, an exhibition in narcissim, it was worse – it was a rejection of responsibility.  If you run AIG or Goldman Sachs, passing the buck to the taxpayer by calling your prep school friend in Congress is the path of least resistance.  If you run a car company – nothing better than a corporate jet to go ask your frat brother (or sister) for a bailout from MY labor.   Freedom depends on responsibility, something we dispensed with as some cheap conservative political plank a long time ago.

Throw in the rejection of God, and the results are worse.  If you reject God, something bigger than yourself with eternal meaning for your existence, what is the result?  Values and law have no meaning, since everything is relative to the person’s opinion.  Life has no value, since your existence is by accident (bring in the abortion mills and socialized healthcare – rationing care because you as an individual do not matter).  Is it not better to have a society with Judeo-Christian values that protects the rights of the non-believer to NOT believe, than a society which rejects values and therefore by its definition rejects the values of disbelief?

To reach the apogee of absurdity, we elected a President who campaigns on fixing the “mess in Washington,”  and then proceeds to blame his predecessor 20 months into his first term.  At the same time he triples down on the very same policies.  Screaming from the roof tops that we “elected you to fix the mess” rings hollow inside the beltway, and a liberal icon whose “Buck” stopped with him has long since passed the public realm.  Responsibility – so 1950’s.

The Conservatives do not escape responsibility either, but that again is the irony.  Voters hold them to a higher standard.  One should make the distinction between a “Conservative” and a Republican.  You can be one without the other.  The best governance this country produced was most likely in the late 1990’s, when we balanced our books thanks to a Conservative Republican Congress with a centrist President.  Chastened by scandal, the Clinton years brought the famous quote:  “The era of big government is over.”  (Sadly, it had not yet begun, Mr. President).  However, Conservatives reached their nadir.  George Bush never was a conservative, he was simply more conservative than Al Gore.  His compassionate conservatism – a play on his father’s “Thousand Points of Light” – was nothing more than the Conservative version of liberalism.  When the ONLY party in the political process that stands for responsibility abdicates that role, and wastes the public resources in the same way the professional spenders do (the left), then the result is an orgy of irresponsible behavior.  The space provided does not allow for a larger dissertation on the evils of government, but suffice it to say that Republicans did not govern as conservatives, and the result is a political atmosphere in which the worst offenders of traditional values (the left) can call out the conservatives as hypocrites on all matters pertaining to American life.  It is a toxic, and dangerous circumstance, we now find ourselves.

So returning to the subject at hand.  In the free-wheeling world of the internet, a conservative blogging star posts a video of an Obama Administration staffer discussing how she essentially used race to judge an applicant for farm assistance.   Unfortunately, and without context, the video posting left out this employee’s final comments, suggesting she learned from that experience and that poverty, and need, have nothing to do with the color of your skin.  Bravo, Dr. King would be proud.  Mrs. Shirley Sherrod was dismissed from her position by a politically fearful White House before anyone realized that maybe there is some missing context.

Wading into race is not my purpose here.  It is about culture, whether you are white, black, green, brown, red, yellow, purple, etc., our cultural issues remain one and the same.  You can debate the subject  ad nauseum, but American culture is rooted in the English language.  It is based upon individual liberty and freedom.  It is not, as our libertarian friends may say, a society where an individual can do as he or she pleases.  The framers provided us a Constitutional republic, emphasis on republic.  A Conservative does not believe in NO government, NO taxes.  Conservatives believe in limited, responsive government;  limited taxation which occurs through legislation and not executive fiat.  We are a representative democracy, NOT a direct democracy. We maintain Conservative values, religious freedom, NOT a separation of Church and State but a clear willingness for government and the people to adhere to Judeo-Christian values.

The schools have abandoned the melting pot in favor of a salad (as Jesse Jackson would say).  That’s not how it works.  A salad can have ingredients put in and taken out;  a melting pot blends the ingredients together – you are either in or out!   Cultures are not equal.  Cultures can believe in female mutilation, putting bones through their noses, that tyrants and kings should rule, and that minorities do not have rights.  You can’t compare those cultures to one that puts a man on the moon.  It is empirically untrue that they are equal.  As an Hispanic, I treasure my guayabera shirt, Cuban coffee, and black beans and rice.  I do not subscribe to the afternoon siesta or that the language of my heritage should be used when I am pulled over for speeding.  It is, and no other word can describe it – CRAZY.   I wear a suit to work, not a guayabera.

So race relations are poisoned, illegals are protected, spending money not even earned by our children yet is defended as moral – how did we get here?  1984 ala 2010?

There is lots of blame to go around.  Irresponsible parents from the 1960’s.  Schools, run by the same rebels of the 1960’s.  (I am not the first to blame the 1960’s, obviously, the first that comes to mind is Robert Bork in “Slouching towards Gomorrah.”)  Others blame TV, pop culture, music, the movies – we are certainly to blame for allowing it to happen.  Some blame our conservative leaders, or lack thereof.  The Left of course deserves some blame, which never gave up pursuing a global totalitarian dream and taking their best shot at it here in the USA.

But I blame the media.  Period.  They have the largest responsibility to the degradation of the American construct.  You can add to my list above 1000 reasons for our swift decline in the last 2 years, but any person or thing on the list is amplified by the media.  They have chosen all that is wrong and evil and insidious to American values and promoted them each night on your 6 o’clock news, and have in turn mocked and scorned all that is good and responsible.  The Media Messiah Chorus protected and insulated Obama and then foisted him on the American voter.  The government we have right now is so pernicious, so antithethical to our belief system, that the counter-culture of the 1960’s may give rise to a new counter-counter-culture of the 2000’s.

Can anyone explain how a Christian college student is banned from speaking about her beliefs, but other religions are not?  How can Federal Law require foreign visitors to carry their papers (passport, ID, etc.), and if they don’t have them they can be deported as illegals, and yet no one in the government will enforce the law?  How can the government sue one state for enforcing the law, but allow sanctuary cities to violate it?  How can a government pass a law without reading it, and do so despite widespread public opposition?   Incompetence by definition, yes, but this is by definition the tyranny we left in Europe over 200 years ago.  This is Statism, Marxism, euro-leftist globalism on steroids.

Stalinist, Maoist, you name it the –ist or –ism, they are all the same.  Even worse, Marxism presumed a capitalist society would exist first before the elites would steal and redistribute that wealth.  Hence, enter the US of A.

The subject at hand.  Have we waded far afield once more?  In conclusion, Shirley Sherrod, immigration, and a host of other cultural issues have revealed just how far and fast has been the American decline.   And we haven’t even mentioned Van Jones, Keith Jennings, Anita Dunn or Berwick.  But fret not.  Conservatism, as an idea, and while on life support, can be resurrected.  The country remains the cradle of evangelistic Christianity – preaching not suicide bombings or plane hijackings for mass murder – but the love and redemption found in their Messiah (not Obama for the remedial readers).  We retain, for the most part, the deepest capital markets and access to economic growth and resources.  Our educational system, while in shambles, still is augmented by Christian and private schools and includes a University system which has educated and trained most of the world’s leadership class.  The challenges are daunting, but after all, we…are Americans.

So what can we do to arrest this unmitigated decline?  Simple:  (1) elect political leaders from dog catcher to Congress who realize they are stewards of YOUR money, and who behave with fiscal responsibility;  (2) educate your children in AMERICAN culture – freedom, liberty, limited government, George Washington, Lincoln, and the sacrifice of previous generations for the greater good;  (3) protect your income – Social Security ain’t gonna be there;  (4) reject any argument that says it is racist:  to want to close our border to illegals, or to stop spending money we don’t have.   Most importantly, do not let you or your children believe the anti-American cultural message from the media elite.  No, you are not crazy, but when they tell you that a nation should not protect its border – it is they, not you, who are nuts.