By Amanda Hooper -Future Voices

California Rules, They’re Unforgettable…

It appears that California, after openly and repeatedly voicing its opposition to the immigration legislation happenings in Arizona, is also deciding to toughen up on border patrol…

If passed, this legislation could land several individuals in jail for up to 6 months on top of a $1000 fine.  However, it’s not citizenship papers California authorities will be looking for.  Instead they might ask to see your SAG membership card or perhaps your latest photo on TMZ, but most importantly they’ll need to see your name on “the list”.

California isn’t looking to keep illegal immigrants from crossing our country’s borders.  Instead, this prize piece of legislation intends to keep illegal partygoers from crossing the velvet ropes that guard the red carpets of Hollywood events.

Authored by Assemblyman Anthony Portantino (D-La Canada Flintridge), the bill was written in response to a request from the Screen Actors Guild after uninvited attendees made their way into this year’s SAG Awards.

“At some awards shows, folks were there without a ticket or credentials; they were asked to leave, and they didn’t,” Portantino said. “The question was raised whether current trespassing laws were written in a way that covers that sort of situation. We’re trying to bring clarity to the whole issue so law enforcement knows how to and has the discretion to handle it.”

A key factor in Portantino’s statement is the word, discretion. Discretion, according to Mr. Webster, is “individual choice or judgment” and furthermore, “the result of separating or distinguishing”.  So, Portantino and SAG members want police agencies to use their discretion to approach those who appear to not belong at these privileged affairs, to use their judgment to separate these crashers from legal event attendees.

Similarly, the AZ SB1070 bill allowed police officers to use discretion in requesting proof of citizenship from individuals whom they suspected to be living/working in the United States illegally.

Was it or was it not the fear of discretion leading to discrimination that caused Hollywood’s finest to lash out against SB1070? How does this law not imply the same principle? Isn’t this bill discriminating against the people who despite not legally being on a list, or having the correct credentials, should be entitled to the same rights of these celebrities just because they deserve a break?  Hypocritical much?

According to the state’s stance on SB1070 and similar legislations, they should be open to helping these crashers reach their dreams of experiencing the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle.  They might even consider paying for their limos and serving them top shelf drinks the entire night as well.

California will continue to attack Arizona for their racial profiling and discrimination in attempt to keep a value in becoming an American citizen, and they will continue to fight for the rights of their elite inner circle.  I believe it was James Woods who voiced it best in saying, “All celebrities are liberal until you walk on their beach.”

In the mean time, velvet ropes and bouncers are being considered as an added security measure to the cement and steel wall that currently serves as our nation’s border…