It has been reported that Congresswoman Gabrielle Gibbons was shot in the head while holding a public event in Tucson, AZ at 10am AZ time. There have been conflicting reports on the status of the congresswoman, but the latest reports are that she is in surgery and in critical condition. Multiple fatalities have been reported, and at least 12 victims were shot.

Our prayers go out to the Congresswoman, her family, along with the other victims and their families.

**Update: 10 patients are at University Hospital, 1 victim, a young child, is pronounced dead, 5 critically injured. Congresswoman Gifford is expected to make it. 5 at hospital in stable condition. Federal Judge Roll is confirmed dead.

**22 year old Jared Laughner is confirmed as the shooter. He is not cooperating with the authorities.

**6 victims have been pronounced dead. 5 on the scene, 1 in the hospital. 19 total were shot.

**There is another suspect in question who has not been picked up by police, but they know who he/she is, and are in pursuit.