The use of this terrible tragedy for divisive politics, speculation, and placing blame, has made me question if some comprehend the gravity of what occurred yesterday in Tucson, AZ. Today, many of our fellow American citizens woke up hurting, because yesterday, a parent, friend, sibling, or child was stolen from them through the acts of a violent, crazy man. I know the majority of common sense Americans wish we could put politics aside in a time like this, and be able to unite in support of those hurting due to the actions of this criminal. There will always be evil in this world. There has been a battle between good and evil since the beginning of time. It’s our job to unite against that which is evil, not turn on one another because of our political opinions.

On 9/12, Americans came together, from all sides of the aisle, to focus on what was really important. Statements coming from the media, twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc, have me wondering if we would do that if it were 9/12/2001 today. I hope that those being attacked by rhetoric will ignore it, and focus on prayer, not combat it. Now is not the time for political debate or finger pointing. Those engaging in rhetoric, I pray, will take a step back and focus on the fact that 6 innocent individuals lost their lives yesterday. A disturbed man decided that instead of using his freedom of speech to voice discourse, that violence was his answer. He, and he alone, made the decision to pick up a gun.

It is my opinion, that the ability to voice our opinion in this country is what keeps these atrocious acts of violence a rare occurrence. Violence, used as a way for someone to get a message across, is much more prevalent in countries across the globe where freedom of speech, religion, petition, assembly, or the press does not exist. In America we have our God given voice to show discourse or agreement. That is what Americans were doing yesterday, when this psychopath arrived, and violently stopped that from happening. Freedom of speech, whether through the radio, tv, or town hall outside of a grocery store, does not invoke violence. However, violence does try to silence freedom of speech.

I hope we all can take a look at the miracle that Congresswoman Griffords is alive today, and pray for the families of the victims who are not. I can’t imagine what they must be going through. I can’t imagine how it would feel to turn on a TV or computer to hear blame being put on political figures, as opposed to the evil man, sitting in a jail cell, who committed the action. Prayer should be our focus, not politics.

United we stand, divided we fall. Which do you choose?