A Person is a Person no matter how small.

On January 22, 1973, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in support of abortion; Roe v. Wade changed the course of American history. Since then over 50 million babies have been aborted. For some, the anniversary of that day, which happens to be this weekend, January 22, 2011, is a celebration. However, for those of us who cherish life, we see this day as a tragedy, as we turn even more determined to building a culture of life. Many people see the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, as a day to focus on the sanctity of life; the very precious gift given by our Creator. The pro-life movement has energized the hearts of millions around this nation. One example was evidenced yesterday in Atlanta, GA as thousands gathered in the cold at the capitol building to affirm a commitment for life. It is the hope of many that the moral fog will be lifted throughout the Church and the society at large. If Christians will speak with one voice, they will have the political power to rid our nation of legalized abortion.

Not too long ago, the first nine months of human life were a mystery to all. Only in recent years have scientific and technological advances allowed us to directly observe life as it develops in the womb. We now know in great detail how the unborn child looks, acts and grows. According to the Carlson B. Embryology & Developmental Biology resource, a baby’s heart begins to beat at week 4, and the eyes, ears and lungs begin to form. By week 7, brain activity is detectable and 99% of the muscles are present. Then by week 12, the baby is now approximately 3 inches long and weighs 2 oz. The baby is able to swallow and feels and responds to skin stimulation.

Psalm 139: 13-16 confirms this: “For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Abortion is the deliberate killing of the weakest and most defenseless among us. Unfortunately, for the last few decades, the practice has been recognized as a fundamental right by the Supreme Court. Many people have accepted this and are fervent supporters of abortion declaring vehemently their right of CHOICE. There are many reasons why people support this view. Some of the questions people take into consideration when deciding are: Is it a fetus or just a blob of tissue? Does the mother have the right to decide since it is her body and what about rape? I believe that support for abortion is not possible for those who understand our dignity as human beings created by God. We were designed by Him and it is from Him that we derive our worth. The debate over abortion, then, is really a debate over our nature or convictions as human beings. Who we are and why is life important?

As Chuck Colson from Prison Fellowship, states in an article, The Wanted Child: Moral Schizophrenia Confuses Rights.

“The bitter irony is that every day thousands of perfectly healthy babies are aborted – not by mistake but deliberately and intentionally. How is it that even thoughtful, well-educated Americans today exhibit such an astonishing moral schizophrenia? The answer is that a baby’s entire value is now defined by whether or not the parents want it. The role of technology is to support whatever they choose. Do they want a baby? Fine. Advanced reproductive technologies can be employed to help them. Do they want to get rid of a baby? Fine. Abortion technology is standing by to meet their desires. Neither choice may be pronounced wrong or immoral. The radical moral relativism reveals how much Americans have become children of the enlightenment. In the absence of a moral framework, all desires are considered equally valid, all equally legitimate. Without any over-arching moral order, technology is merely an instrument to satisfy our impulses, whatever they may be.”

Dr. George Flesh of Los Angeles quit doing abortions and states,

“Anxiety attacks complete with nausea, palpitations, and dizziness, began to strike me in some social situations. In public, I felt I was on trial, or perhaps should have been. I no longer was proud to be a physician. Arriving home from work to the gleeful embrace of my kids, I felt undeserving that God had blessed me with smiling faces. The connection between a 6-week old human embryo and a laughing child stopped being an abstraction for me. While hugging my sons each morning, I started to think of the aspirator that I would use two hours later. This was an emotional tension I could not tolerate.  But I believe that tearing a developed fetus apart, limb by limb, simply at the mother’s request is an act of depravity that society should not permit. We cannot afford such a devaluation of human life, or the desensitization of medical personnel that it requires. This is not based on what the fetus might feel, but on what we should feel in watching an exquisite partly formed human being dismembered, whether one believes that man is created in God’s image or not. I wish everybody could witness a second-trimester abortion before developing an opinion about it.” An Act of Depravity: Former Abortionist Tells Why He Quit the Abortion Business. Article from WORLD MAGAZINE September 28, 1991.

The Guttmacher Institute: State Policies In Brief, August 1, 2010. Bans on “Partial-Birth” Abortion shows, “In its April decision in Gonzalez v. Carhart, the Supreme Court upheld the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 and, in the process, set a major jurisprudential precedent. The federal law includes no health exception. Moreover, although the law does not include a precise medical definition of what is banned, the Court found the federal law’s definition insufficient to pass constitutional muster. The federal law is currently in effect and the Supreme Court precedent may bring consistency to state laws, which are still important as they allow for state and local law enforcement and, potentially, stiffer penalties.”

The good news is that while abortion is a horrible evil in the U.S. there have been tremendous strides taken in a positive direction against this national tragedy according to 2008 Heritage House ’76 Inc:

“The public view on abortion is trending toward life with 70% of American women saying there should be restrictions on abortions and 53% saying abortion should be illegal.Abortions have been reduced since the high in 1990. There are currently over 2,500 Pregnancy Centers in the U.S. meeting the needs of women and providing alternatives to abortion. Recent political victories include the Partial-Birth-Abortion ban that the Supreme Court upheld as well as the laws many states have enacted making unborn babies victims when they are killed during criminal acts.

What You Can Do:

Much more needs to be done, even though we have made some progress. You can help promote life and work against abortion by praying for an end to abortion, and giving your time and financial support to Pro-Life groups or Pregnancy Care Centers where you can volunteer your services as a counselor and begin rescuing one baby at a time. Click here to find a center near you.

by: Maria Nicholas