Have you ever noticed how once every few weeks there will be a clip of Chris Matthews making sense? Normally, it comes completely out of the blue, and contradicts every viewpoint he has voiced in prior shows. After his rants this past week against Fox News, Michelle Bauchmann, and his favorite conservative target, Glenn Beck, I’ve developed a little theory of my own.

All week Chris Matthews has inflicted me with a serious migraine in his attempts to discredit Glenn Beck’s theory on the situation in Egypt and the Middle East. It would be one thing if it was Matthew’s typical high school girl, jealous that he’s not as popular and successful Beck bash, but this was different. I couldn’t tell if he was cranky his bff Keith was canned, or just paranoid he is next to join the unemployment line, but sitting through lengthy clips of the lies Matthews was spilling to his audience seemed MUCH more torturous than usual.

I haven’t been able to check a news website without coming across a headline of “Matthews Attacks Beck…” or “Matthews Compares Beck to (enter evil regime of the past or terror organization)”

Clips likes these:

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Anyone who watches Mr. Beck knows that he never pulls facts out of thin air, makes up quotes or even use clips out of context on his show. I can’t think of one example when he has even spun the truth to promote an agenda. He uses the words, writings and actions of whoever he is talking about to inform his audience, and even then tells them NOT to take his word for it, but to go look it up for themselves to make their own conclusions. His conclusions are his opinions, but the facts he uses are backed up. His show even provides footnotes with sources for each of his shows for the viewers, making Matthews’ remarks completely bogus. Unless you have footnotes too, Mr. Matthews. Chris Matthews will spend an entire show telling lies he doesn’t even believe, just because he doesn’t like someone, he’s jealous, or has a different opinion. It is no mystery why no one watches his show.

BUT, today was the “Oh my gosh, Chris Matthews just made sense!” day of the week. When I saw this clip, especially minutes 5 to 8(ish), I literally thought it had to be a joke. Who stole the man’s MSNBC kool-aid? He’s clearly parched.

Here’s the clip:

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Confused yet??? I know I was… But, I started thinking about how much time he spends talking about Fox News and Glenn Beck. He must spend a lot of his free time watching and listening to the conservative media. Often, Chris Matthews’ “common sense moments” happen off of his show, in morning commentary interviews, etc… So what happens to Mr. Matthews between the time he leaves work to the time he goes on air???

Now, from the previous clips it seems he watches The Glenn Beck Program, and with all of the Fox News criticizing and smearing he attempts, I’d have to assume he watches a few other shows as well. Maybe he even turns on a little talk radio for the ride home. He’d have to listen to complain about the “violent rhetoric” as often as he does. I have never heard him talk about an interview, situation or theory from another MSNBC show, positive or negative, so he clearly isn’t watching his own network. …who is? I know for a fact he likes to listen to Glenn on the radio, and has for many years. Matthews plays clips of the show all the time, and here are his own words from an interview a few years ago:

It only make sense, with such a high quantity of conservative influence, Chris Matthews finds a touch of reality at the start of his day. I’m not saying Glenn Beck, Fox News, or talk radio send a tingle up the guy’s leg like President Obama does, but sometimes the lights turn on. Unfortunately, he works at MSNBC, a network filled with agenda-driven journalists and commentators, not to mention hosts who make up their own ratings categories to look like less than complete failures. Like my dad always told me growing up, “If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas.” The real question: Is Matthews a product of his surroundings or does he lie to fit in with the liars he is surrounded by all day at work?”

…or is he just nuts?

I’ll go with nuts, that or he saw this and thought “Oh crap, Beck’s right …again.”

video from theblaze.com