Dana Loesch, Editor-in-Chief of bigjournalism.com and radio host of “The Dana Show” talks to Sara Johnson about becoming a conservative and liberal bias.

CPAC 2011: Dana Loesch on Pigford, Planned Parenthood, and new media activism.

 Aside from Rep. Allen West’s keynote, the best speech I heard at CPAC 2011 was given by Dana Loesch. Why? First and foremost, she is not a politician focused on pampering a crowd over previously polled issues in order to win the approval of her audience. This speech is not a “please vote for me” plea or a way to increase campaign funding. In other words, the heart of this speech was truth, which does not revolve around an ulterior motive.

Our country is in desperate need of more conservative women like Loesch, willing to counter the liberal myths ingrained in young women everyday. We have to get louder to be able to make a difference. Gone are the days when it was common to believe one voice can’t make a difference. The silence of the generations before mine helped to create the current environment where the murder of an unborn child is considered a “right” of the mother.

It is time for my generation to wake up, and stop being useful idiots for the left. Reliance on the government dole to eradicate a mistake through the murder of a child is in no way descriptive of an ‘independent woman.’  Shining a bright light on the hypocrisy liberals promote, from government funded abortion to baseless attacks on conservative women, is the only way to wake up young women in America. The truly independent women who are already doing this deserve the support of other conservatives for speaking out against the strong arm of the left, not another degrading voice.

Unless I’m going deaf, I haven’t heard a single one of the ‘good ol’ boys’ of the GOP take on the left in defense of Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin, arguably two of the strongest women the GOP has to offer. If the republicans do not begin uniting on their principals and standing together, their party is going to die. Why did it take Lila Rose, a college student, to catch Planned Parenthood funding pimps with our hard earned money? Especially when many republicans are supposedly trying to defund them. To shut something down for being corrupt, the corruption has to be exposed. The American people shell out six-figure salaries for our ‘representatives,’ and a college student beats them to the punch? Planned Parenthood clearly is not a  devious organization trying to hide its actions. Seriously, put on a purple suit, a hat with a feather, grab a gold cane, and Planned Parenthood will be helping you traffic underage girls before you know it.


In a radio interview at CPAC on Friday, Loesch spoke with Jimmy McMillan aka “the rent is too damn high” guy. He spoke out against the treatment of Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and other conservative women, by the MSM, democrats and the GOP. As Loesch pointed out, McMillan provides a better defense for these woman than any republican has publicly. I couldn’t help but think, when the first guy to stick up for powerful, conservative women is the “rent is too damn high” guy, it’s clear there is a serious problem with the GOP.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          …Of course when the guy who wants guaranteed housing, food, apparently shoes, and who knows what else, claims he can run on the GOP platform, it is more than obvious the GOP has a lot more reflecting to do.

My final comment, keep an eye of Dana Loesch. She is going to be big (bigger than she already is anyway). If there was ‘Dana Loesch stock,’ I would be buying shares by the dozen after hearing her speech and meeting her this week at CPAC. Her new CNN gig will be a successful one. All CNN knockers should consider watching the segments when they bring on true conservatives. When trying to wake up the average democrat in this country, your best bet is not going to be through the favorite conservative news station. It is going to be through those that lean left.

If I had the opportunity to debate the issues on TV every night, I would want to do it against the far left, on their own network. There is a much better chance my views would be heard by those who have never looked at an issue in the way I would present it. You don’t go on mission trips to build homes in a wealthy neighborhood of church goers. Why would you go to Fox News expecting to find liberal viewers to see the light. Political pundits should not care if they convince Alan Colmes or Juan Williams to agree with them. If the audience is on your side, you win no mater what your opponent says.

It was rare to find a true conservative engaging in political debate on CNN, until now. Ken Jautz, CNN’s new executive vp, is not a moron when it comes to building strong shows on a network. This is the man who first put Glenn Beck on TV, before Fox News picked him up. He has a good eye for unique talent.

Entertainment = Watching liberals try to have rational arguments against a woman with facts and quick wit. I’d tune in. You can’t preach to the choir and expect to see results. Congrats to Dana on the new gig, and stepping outside the Fox News bubble for conservative personalities. I can not think of a better job than combating (excuse the rhetoric) liberal hypocrisy with common sense on a left leaning network.

Also, if you haven’t heard of the Pigford case. Read about it here

Dana’s full speech