After talking with Andrew Breitbart, he struck a chord that made complete sense – our generation needs to make an effort to change the equation of the argument.  Most of our generation has access to flip-cam’s and other small video recording devices.  Whether it’s a cell phone or a flip cam, if you’re in college, make sure you’re always bringing these to class with you.

We’re not talking about trying to wage a smear campaign on your professors – but the ideological bias and smears need to be exposed more often inside the Universities you attend.  Ideas should be explored in college – but indoctrination has no place in our Universities.  So with that being said – take your own stand and make a difference – this is something you can do directly and force Universities to deal with the political bias that is affecting our students.

What you need to become a Citizen Reporter:

Below is a small description of my reccomendations for easy-to-use and effective video/audio/software equipment, and also a place to buy this stuff fairly cheap.  All you need is your student ID and a Transcript!


On the Cheap: Flip Video Ultra HD (4GB) — ($149.95 Via Academic Superstore – click the link!)

The new Flip UltraHD combines Flip Video’s signature shoot-and-share simplicity with up to 1 hour of amazing HD video. Pre-loaded FlipShare™ software makes it easy to organize, edit and share your videos.
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A Step Up: Flip Video MinoHD (4GB) — ($179.95 Via Academic Superstore – click the link!)

Share videos privately using FlipShare’s attachment-free email or by creating Flip Channels; post publicly with direct video shares to Facebook™, Twitter™ and YouTube™
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If you want to make your videos look a little better, and clip out the not-necessary pauses, etc. (Don’t take stuff out of context – truth will be enough), I’d suggest using a program like the one below – It’s easy enough to learn and very cheap.

And with everything inside of me…PLEASE DON”T USE WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER – Buck up and spend a little bit of cash, and you’ll get a lot better quality and flexible program (That won’t crash all the time!)

Sony Vegas Movie Studio Click here to view the product ($79.95)

Professional-Level Power for Your Home Studio
Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum software has everything needed to produce spectacular HD movies. Edit video in nearly any format including HDV and AVCHD. Powerful features for video compositing, color correction, and soundtrack creation help you get feature-film results in your home studio.

Tips for using the software

Tutorial on Getting Started with Vegas I know this is for Vegas Pro – but the same principles should apply for the Platinum Version as well

Tutorial on Exporting your video for YouTube and Vimeo

Audio equipment

Zoom H1 Handy Portable Recorder

If you want to produce interview style recordings, this is a little tool we routinely use! We simply gather the video with a camera, then the interviewer uses this little device as an audio recorder – then we align the audio in our software (such as Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier)


I hope this helps you get started with the affordable tools to begin being a citizen reporter. Remember, be responsible in video editing, and never take people out of context. That will only make you look incredibly foolish, and discredit other people’s efforts.

Please watch Andrew Breitbart’s interview with Future Voices at CPAC to understand what we mean!