When it comes to spending and the national debt, is our federal government and elected representatives being good stewards of our tax dollars? At the end of the day, this is what it really comes down to. The government takes our money in the form of taxes, and then spends it as it sees fit.

What option do we have with an administration and President that have been this irresponsible? What can we do as responsible citizens in response to an elementary, remedial governing body that obviously slept in on “balance a checkbook day” in the school of life?

What option do we have? Washington is obviously not listening.

I don’t think most of our readers really understand how serious of a debt problem we really have. The President said yesterday that he would veto any spending appropriations bill that came to his desk. Are we, as responsible citizens, more concerned about the fiscal well-being of our country than our own President? He is single handedly dismantling the very tenants of our republic and doing it all through the burden of debt.

We have a President who’s created 5 trillion in “on budget” operating debt. 5 TRILLION. When President Obama took office our national debt was just under 10 Trillion. So since he has been in office we have seen an increase of almost 50%!

My future is bright with red ink. I can see it.

It is inevitable that perpetual debt and massive taxes are going to limit our generation from sharing in the liberty that passed generations lived through and fought for.

This President refuses to respect the basic laws of economics, the basic laws of the private sector and the basic laws of American business. Does he really even respect us? The national debt has increased almost 50% since Obama has been in office. YOU DON’T NEED A FINANCE DEGREE TO UNDERSTAND THE SERIOUSNESS OF THIS.

Leave it up to Washington to get us out of this mess? They got us into it.

On top of this the madness, the President wants a massive $1 trillion overhaul in healthcare and high speed trains. Did I wake up in a crazy town? I’m waiting for the President to laugh and say joke’s over, but I’m afraid this is real life. I don’t care how the Republican or Democratic Party responds to it, but we cannot sit around and watch our great country be fiscally destroyed in front of our eyes.

I am 24 years old, and I can feel the weight of debt bearing down on me. This is now my future that is being dramatically affected and spent away, and for what?

This current budget is filled with tax increases and one massive deficit spending plan after another.

When will the madness stop? When will they hear our voice?

You have to ask yourself an honest question: Have things gotten better since President Obama has been in office? I have yet to find one reasonable defense to that question except for the un-provable, “Well it would have been worse.”

Are you sure?

One day these politicians will be long gone, but their damage will be everlasting.

Are things better? Take a look at the chart below: