Unions, socialists, and communists gathered in front of the Georgia State Capitol Building located in Atlanta to protest on Wednesday. The extremist groups united against their common enemies: conservatives, capitalism and of course the evil big corporations. There were even claims that the right is trying to “bust up the unions and kill the working people of this country.”

At first glance this clip seems extreme, even scary… but watch it again. You’ll notice the first speaker talks about how he doesn’t want to know, learn or research why there are protests occurring in Egypt, but that he wants to emulate them, because they “look like winners.” **Quick comment** How do you achieve victory when you don’t know what you’re fighting for?

The second speaker refers to the hip hop generation as having been “hijacked by the corporations.” He speaks of how the United States a “prison industrial complex that invests in incarceration instead of education.” Okay… well, first of all, the evil corporation of RayBan made your sunglasses, and you’re wearing my mother’s shower curtain as a scarf… in 70 degree weather. Second, I don’t think the education of our children will be our biggest issue if criminals are running our streets, but I could be wrong.

The third speaker seemed wildly counterproductive. He says it is time for “action, direct action.” Okay, well that’s the way to get things accomplished. But, he followed that with, “it’s time for all of us to go to jail.” …Ah, finally something we agree upon. But seriously, all of you should go to jail? That is just bad strategy.
**on a side note, interesting flyer he’s holding. “Jobs for Justice” I’m sure I’ll see you there….

The last speaker tries to take a shot at the right by using a sarcastic comment on “Reaganomics.” Unfortunately, he follows it with “I don’t know what happened after that, it’s the last thing I can remember.” If you’ve been blacked out for the past twenty+ years, you have bigger problems than “Reaganomics.”

The interview with the two girls at the end is just icing on the cake.


Video taken by our friend at www.secularstupidest.com