If I could choose a ruler for hypocrites, I would make Michael More Emperor, with Chris Matthews as advisor, and Al Gore as court jester. It’s not bad enough that these guys get rich off of railing against the very system that brought them their wealth and fame, but then they have to go and call other men who are as successful as them “evil”.

Emperor Moore “The Fat”, has been advocating for the throne since he first started making movies about how evil capitalism and capitalists are, all the while hiding the fact that he is, in truth, one of them. With an unintended sense of irony that seems to be lost on the left, he actually admits that he lives in an upscale part of town.

“I walk among them. I live on the island of Manhattan, a three-mile-wide strip of land that is luxury home and corporate suite to America’s elite….. Those who run your life live in my neighborhood. I walk in the streets with them each day”

– page 51 of his book, Stupid White Men.

No worries though, when he needs to get away from the Bourgeoisie, he takes a trip down to his multi-million dollar beachfront vacation home in Michigan.

He sends his own children, not to the public schools whose teachers unions he so readily endorses, but to private schools. Why? His explanation was given in an interview done by The Guardian’s own Andrew Anthony. (Are you amazed as I am the British version of “The New York Times” would ask Moore an awkward question?) When asked why he decided on that course of action, Moore replied:

“Oh, I went to private school, just a genetic decision. My wife and I, we both went to Catholic schools, we’re not public-school people.”

Odd statement coming from the guy who tries to pass himself off as the working man’s working man; just some lowly stiff trying to make it in the world. What he doesn’t like to admit is that this lowly stiff makes millions off of his documentaries. His earnings are as follows.

Roger & Me: $6,706,368

Bowling for Columbine: $21,576,018

Fahrenheit 9/11: $119,114,517

Sicko: $24,540,079

Capitalism: A Love Story: $14,363,397

And keep in mind that these numbers were US gross alone. Odd, that his last movie was about the evils of Capitalism, but he uses the system itself to earn a total of over a $172 million dollars. What’s Moore about all this, (see what I did there?) is that it apparently wasn’t enough to make millions. Like a good and true socialist, Moore wanted more money.

After Capitalism: A Love Story was all said and done, and his millions raked in, Moore decided to sue the Weinstein brothers for $2.7 million for money owed from his movie Fahrenheit 9/11, which they helped produce.

Speaking of production, recently his Highness spoke at Wisconsin union rally, and told them “We’re going to do this together. Don’t give up.” Yet, during his filming of Capitalism: A Love Story, there was hardly a union member from the IATSE (The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees) to be seen. Perhaps using the union was too costly for Moore, who is of course, just scraping by.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Our socialist, money hating, documentarian also does speaking tours that charge upward $35,000 to whatever institution will have him. In fact, during his “One and a Half Man Show”, Emperor Moore spoke at The Roundhouse in London. At one point Moore raged against the entire staff, even the lowest earning worker, (“his people”) calling them “conmen and useless”. Why? Simple, he was only making $750 a night. In protest, the employees of The Roundhouse refused to come to work while Moore was putting on his show.

When Moore was fired from his editing job at the liberal rag “Mother Jones” for being completely incompetent on the job and a tyrant of a boss, he tried suing the magazine for $2 million for wrongful termination. In the end they settled out of court for $58,000.

He has even tried lying about his origins. He claims to be from the poor town of Flint Michigan, where his father worked his fingers to the bone as an autoworker and struggled to put food on the table. Then it came out that Moore’s family was from the middle class town of Davison, the next town over, and his dad worked at GM. He made a comfortable salary, was a member of the local country club, and had a pretty nice house to boot.

Liberals everywhere worship Moore as some kind of demigod, which leads me to the conclusion that the left refuses to look at the simple fact that he is a walking, talking, counter argument to everything he preaches, but if I can use Michael Moore as an ironic example: Capitalism works! Moore is living proof that a man with an idea can turn that idea into profit. For some reason, Moore and his adoring fan base of white, middle class people can’t seem to wrap their minds around it, and openly reject it!

Yet it is he and his fan base that instantly turns around and makes the money that pays for their American lifestyle, using the very system they rise against, without batting an eye.

All hail Michael Moore! Emperor of the hypocrites!