Think it is hard to make budget cuts in social security and medicare? That’s nothing to Senator Harry Reid, just don’t touch his NPR, and definitely keep your hands off of his cowboy poetry.

Senator Harry Reid, joined by Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski on NPR. Seriously Alaska …good pick.

I’m glad Sen. Reid was able to hear a “great story,” but he’s missing the point. NPR does not have to disappear, they just have to pay their bills without help from the taxpayers. Rush, Beck, Hannity, Ingram, Loesch, Erickson, and many others do it everyday.

Not to mention, one or two individuals hearing a story they have never heard before is hardly a reason to keep them on the air. The fact that millions of others haven’t heart the story is however a good reason to take them off the air. Ah yes, capitalism….

Now, Sen. Harry Rein on …Cowboy Poetry

…There are no words.

I almost forgot a classic. The shining example of why nothing gets done in congress. Harry Reid somehow can even make football boring:

How does this man make a six-figure salary off of our hard-earned money?