This morning released audio from a meeting that took place at Pace University this past weekend. In the audio you will hear a plan from leaders and organizers on the left to bring together a coalition that will create a financial collapse. This coalition would consist of unions, community groups, lawmakers and students. One of their strategies is to try to raise the number of people in default through ‘strategic default.’ Strategic default is basically when people stop paying their mortgage because they know it would be a year until they would be kicked out of their homes. This number is currently around 10%, which these individuals plan to double to bring our banks close to insolvency.

Their plan, set to roll out the first week of May in New York City, will start by telling people, “We’re not broke. There is plenty of money out there. We just have to get it back.” Their target, J.P. Morgan Chase, is currently one of the more stable financial institutions in the country right now. These individuals on the left are putting together a 10-state mobilization to bring down the J.P. Morgan Chase shareholder meeting, which no longer takes place in NYC. They say they need to figure out “how to bring down the stock market, how to bring big bonuses, and how to interfere with their ability to be rich.”

The main voice you are hearing is that of Steven Learner, who was the SEIU Banking and Finance Campaign Director until just recently. To learn more about Steven Learner go here.

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