Republicans are just as out of touch politically as Democrats.  After decades of the only grassroots activism being the social conservative leg of the party, Republicans have lost touch with how to communicate with the majority of the American people. Consequently their ability and propensity to use media campaigns has been ridiculous to say the least. There are several examples of this failing, one that must be corrected to save the party and perhaps the country.

Wisconsin shows that many of the leading conservative groups are completely out of their depth in terms of marketing and public relations.  According to a survey by the Polling Company, support for the collective bargaining reforms has severely dwindled.  To make the argument for removing collective bargaining and reigning in public employee unions, proponents should take a page out of Dragnet’s Joe Friday playbook, “Just the Facts.”

  • Public employee unions make up 13 percent of the workforce in Wisconsin.
  • The average public sector worker makes between $75,000 and $100,000 when benefits are included; plus “deferred compensation.”
  • Union officials think that Gov. Walker was wrong to decrease WI taxes instead of cutting spending on government payrolls.  Instead they’ve said it was necessary to Increase taxes.
  • Public sector unions only make money through the dues that it forces the government to collect from workers, all tax dollars, and then use that money to buy elections.
  • Unions have been videotaped being antagonistic and committing crimes against counter protesting TEA partiers.
  • Unions needed a special exemption from anti-trust laws to be allowed to collectively bargain; its not a right.

Forget the name calling, bickering, and celebrating Scott Walker, the budget repair bill, etc. I’ve seen the ads, and even I am not persuaded and I’m in their camp! The facts are so much more impressive than partisan rhetoric that’s easily dismissed by opposition or independents. Educate the people with facts and you will see public opinion change favorably.

More examples of the poor understanding of public relations are found in the deficit and debt ceiling debates from Capitol Hill.  The frustrations from fiscal conservatives abound as Congress bargains over peanuts in two-week continuing resolutions. Better policy and simple facts would frame the debate properly.

  • Congress has failed in its duty to pass a budget for three years; a Congress controlled by Democrats in both the House and Senate.  Democrats have not seen fit to start now and have become the New “Party of No.”
  • Dispel public notion that Social Security payments are saved for your retirement; it’s a Ponzi Scheme.
  • Educate public that Medicare payments made do not fund your Medicare coverage.  Another Ponzi Scheme.
  • Stop using nebulous numbers like 100 Billion that aren’t that impressive when compared to the overall Deficit.  Instead focus on defunding whole programs, and why they shouldn’t be paid for with Federal Tax dollars.
  • When Sen. Reid states that Social Security is not broke, call him out with CBO and GAO numbers
  • American Energy Policy is closely linked to the Economic development of the country.  Failures to promote domestic energy of all types will make our future economic pain more severe.

There are some political strategists who have made these suggestions, but Speaker Boehner and Rep. Cantor don’t seem to be paying attention. The conservative base is stirred by these videos and rhetoric, but Congress must make the case to the entire nation; after years of misinformation and poor education Congressional Republicans and the TEA party must coordinate and unite with a compelling cohesive message.

It’s clear that most people running in the Republican primary are old guard GOP figures.  Folks like Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Haley Barbour, etc. are using campaign staff from the last election and the election before that.  They all miss the point.  Some are focusing on the jobs issue, some on the birth certificate issue, and some on Libya.  The place that any successful candidate must start with is education of Pres. Obama’s policies, statements, and their consequences.  After people understand the “unintended” consequences of “green” energy, ethanol, and drilling moratoriums, the President will have a hard time explaining all the video evidence of his decisions and associations his re-election will go from a foregone conclusion to about as likely as winning the Lottery.

There are a few in politics who understand the concept, facts are enough, they’ve made themselves quite popular; Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, and Allen West.  They’re looked at fondly why, because they use facts to make their points.  They don’t play games with party rhetoric; the facts are more damning than any partisan attack.  What’s astonishing is that because of these individuals strong stance, they’re looked at with awe when it’s incredibly simple; use the facts and don’t back down from what you know to be right.  Don’t be emotional, partisan, or use name calling.  To sway public opinion Joe Friday had the right idea, “Just the Facts, ma’am, just the Facts.