When someone is taught how to sell they are instructed to position the buyer between two products–would you like “A” more expensive, or “B” less expensive.  The seller acts with the assumption that the buyer will choose one of the two products.  Anyone who has gone to buy a car, a vacation, etc. can testify to the illusion of choice.  For the past eighty years America’s political system has been setup the same way, Republican and Democrat– “R” and “D”–it’s time to realize we’ve got more than just the one seller to buy from, Progressives; that after all is what the free market is all about.

Health care is one example of the option “R” or “D” approach in politics.  The common message is that the government has to help citizens pay for health care costs because they’re too high for normal people.  This chart shows that, like everything, government isn’t the solution, it’s the problem and Medicare, Medicaid and forced third party insurance have been the catalyst.     http://www.cato.org/pubs/pas/pa211.html

Social Security is another issue in which the argument is either “A” or “B.”  Either you want to pay into the Ponzi Scheme that FDR forced on everyone, or you want people to risk their money in the stock market where they’ll lose it to greedy investors.  It is rather ironic that those who preach moral pluralism make everything black and white.  Another possibility lies in Galveston, Texas.  Before the Regan-O’Neill compromise of the early eighties, Galveston County saw the writing on the wall, and adapted a free market, safe, solution to retirement. Galveston came up with a simple plan to give workers control of their retirement, put it in the bank.  The plan can be found in its entirety here.

Regardless of the issue or program, politicians in Washington with both R’s and D’s before their name unfortunately at times play the same game, us or them.  Many of them are Progressives, as a majority of them are not giving people the opportunity to succeed or fail, only how they are going to fix the problem.  America is the land of innovation and invention, the free market, for now, and a place where anything is possible.  We as a people must determine solutions to our problems and force our “representatives” to listen, respect and heed our choices.  For those people who railed against monopolies, special interests and politicians in Washington are guarding the greatest monopoly of all; ideas for our future.  For those who are tired of being “sold”  to by both parties, it’s time to do what most of us do when we realize we’re being sold to; nod politely, say “no thank you”, and find the item we want instead of the least of two evils.