In a 2005 study by George Mason University, 72% of professors at American universities described themselves as Progressive, as opposed to 15% Conservative, a margin of nearly 5 to 1. The margin increased to 87% liberal and 11% conservative when filtered down to ivy-league universities.  Abraham Lincoln stated, “that the philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next generation.”

The study found that 84% favor abortion rights, 67% believe that homosexuality is acceptable, 65% want the government to ensure full employment, and 88% want more environmental protection, even if it raises prices or costs jobs.  When administration officials include prior Harvard faculty such as Cass Sunstein (Regulatory Czar), Elena Kagan, Larry Summers, and Barack Obama, Pres. Lincoln’s wisdom is profound.  Consider that after the BP Oil Spill, despite a court order and their own panel’s scientific experts stating there was no need for a blanket ban on drilling, the administration defied the order, and changed regulations to prevent and circumvent the judiciary’s authority.  These new regulations caused massive job loss, and higher fuel prices for nebulous environmental protection.  If you think that the beliefs of college professors have made their way into government, you’d be right.

Another story from the University of Oregon provides example of a student who recognized this disparity, this lack of “diversity,” and was treated with hostility from the facility.  The student writing the piece for the school newspaper was not even an active conservative.  Dan Lawton reported that one professor confronted him stating:

“If you like conservatism you can certainly attend the University of Texas and you can walk past the statue of Jefferson Davis everyday on your way to class”

The irony, or hypocrisy, in such sentiments is that Jefferson Davis, and most of the “racists” and “oppressors” in our nation’s history, have been on the left.  Abraham Lincoln founded the Republican Party. Democrats had dominated the south for years; like George Wallace, Robert Byrd, and Nathan Bedford Forrest.  Andrew Jackson, another Democrat, created the Trail of Tears which most liberals believe we should still apologize and make reparations for.  This is “education” that we spend billions of dollars on each year?

Regardless of the lack of understanding of history in colleges, there is infiltration of Marxist radicals in not just colleges, but secondary and primary education systems.  In Tucson, a riot recently broke out when a  -American History class, which was being offered as an alternative to U.S. History, was cut from the curriculum for promoting, the overthrow of the US government, among other things.  High school students, in Che Guevara regalia, broke into the meeting and chained themselves to board member’s desks to keep them from voting.  During the Madison protests, high school teachers left school and took the students with them, much to the consternation of some parents.  Anyone who doesn’t believe that the political views of teachers impact their students is in denial.

One last example is of a teacher who believes that high school and elementary school teachers need to do more to infuse their lessons with Marxism and socialism, but don’t believe me just watch below:

Progressives have been active in college campuses since before the 1960s; where do you think all free love, anti-war protesters came from?  Back then there were radicals like William Ayers and the Weather Underground causing violence across the country, and Frances Fox Piven devising the overthrow of the government with her husband.  Marxists are pushing for the indoctrination at younger and younger ages in our schools. There are six year olds being taught songs in the classroom about boycotts and evil companies.

It is pretty easy to see why Progressives push so hard for public education, doesn’t it?