Dear President Obama,

We need to talk… We feel like we don’t even know you anymore. Two years ago you were an entirely different man. You used to talk to us, listen to our concerns about the future, give us hope, and most of all, you promised us things were going to change for the better. Mr. President, we want to see other politicians.

Surely this news doesn’t come as a surprise to you. Our tuition has been going up as much as 15% every year, and when we finally graduate no one is hiring. Don’t even start to blame the employers either, we’ve seen how badly your healthcare bill crippled businesses, not to mention the taxes they’re paying. You promised you were going to make it easier on businesses to hire employees. You were going to give them “incentives.”

Mr. President, you seemed intelligent, well spoken and understanding, but all of the Hollywood actors you’ve been kissing up to behind our backs must have given you a few acting lessons. Allow me to try and explain something. If a small business owner makes over $250,000 a year, they are categorized as an evil rich person. After taxes and business expenses, they take home MUCH less than that amount, and yet they are still considered evil and rich, and are punished with higher taxes. Mr. Obama, someone making $60,000 a year can’t hire those of us that are graduating college and entering the job market.

But, while we, your ex-loyal supporters, are desperately looking for jobs to help us get by, you’re going on vacation after vacation, playing 60+ rounds of golf, and even hanging out with some rapper who writes poems honoring cop killers. We even heard when you flew to Maine last year you put your dog on a separate airplane. You’ve got to be freaking kidding me Mr. President.

Do you know how much a gallon of gas is right now? Probably not, because apparently you aren’t “just like us,” despite what you tell us every time you give a speech. It is $4.00/gallon, and that price rises almost every day. Rumor has it your administration told Shell they can’t drill in Alaska anymore like they were approved to. They invested billions of dollars and you just change your mind? Do you care at all about us Mr. President? The only action you have taken to help us with gas prices is by telling Americans to buy a new car if they don’t get good mileage. We can’t afford to pay $60 for a tank of gas, and you think we can go out and buy a new car? It is no wonder that your administration is spending our future away by the second. And for the love, please stop burning corn for ethanol. Do you really want to go down as the President who burned the world’s food supply for an inefficient alternative?

Also, I know you’re busy with your nine-iron and all, but Texas is on fire… like literally on fire. It’s no secret that you’re not very popular there, or anywhere, but that state is pretty important, so if you could act like the president of the United States it would be awesome. Plus, you are already providing Mexico foreign aid for the fire along their side of the border; so ignoring our state on the other side of that border isn’t doing much for your approval rating. Honestly, you won’t uphold the border to keep us safe from God-knows-who entering our country, but you will help Mexico before you lift a finger to provide aid to our own citizens in Texas? That is pretty egregious.

We defended you, President Obama. When everyone wanted to use Reverend Wright as a red flag against you, you told us that you didn’t know he had said those things about whites and the Jewish people, so we believed and stood up for you. Now, you’re going to churches throwing around similar rhetoric on Easter Sunday of all Sundays?

You have failed to stand by one of the strongest allies we have, and the only light of freedom in the Middle East, Israel. Not only that, you’re encouraging their enemies to rise up in the name of “democracy.” The only problem is their version of democracy is one where there is no Israel. Is that something you learned from your spiritual leaders Mr. President? You can’t blame George W. Bush for that failure.

Speaking of President Bush, you were supposed to be different. All the issues we had with his policies that you said would change are not only still in place, but your administration has made many of them worse. You spoke against the Patriot Act and other violations of our privacy, so we supported you. But as soon as you became the president not only was the Patriot Act extended, but the sunsets were removed!

Also, what’s up with the TSA? Do we look like we have bombs strapped to our crotches? We are 20-somethings trying to get home for Christmas; we don’t need to reach second base with every TSA agent in the security line. We don’t feel any safer, but we all feel pretty violated. Honestly, we gave you a shot, but we haven’t liked “Big Sis” from the get-go.

You seem to think you are superior to us “mere citizens,” but we aren’t as dumb as you would like to believe. We don’t need your wife to tell us McDonald’s makes our jeans tight. We know, and we don’t care what she thinks, so enough with the “Let’s Move” campaign. You’re wasting our money. The only person who is going to be moving on behalf of the First Lady is your family, right out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Are you picking up what we’re putting down?

We defended you to the ground in 2008, and all you have done is thrown us under the bus for your own benefit and agenda. Your healthcare plan has raised our parent’s premiums to ridiculous amounts. It has gotten to the point where even if we can stay on the family plan—which we don’t want to do—no one can afford it.

Even the only truly free thing we have in our lives you are trying to get your hands on, the internet. Have you not noticed that the internet needs no middleman? It is 100% free and open. In fact, the internet has removed the middleman from our lives. Musicians and comedians no one has ever heard of are discovered on YouTube every day, yet you don’t think the internet has a neutral playing field. What is the agenda behind that move Mr. President?

We will give you credit where credit is due, so congratulations on giving the order to kill Usama bin Laden, but try to remember that’s all you really did. You gave an order. An order that’s evidence was based on information received from C.I.A. agents currently being unfairly investigated by your DOJ with a chip on his shoulder. A DOJ that refuses to investigate the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation caught on video.

But high five on the bin Laden thing, really… We don’t mean to come off cold, but it’s hard to give a guy who won’t speak out against a mosque with questionable leadership opening on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 a pat on the back. Especially when your administration has labeled a group of peaceful Americans as terrorists and racists for holding American flags in lawn chairs. You won’t call Muslim extremists who blow themselves up in crowded buildings terrorists, but if we sit in lawn chairs with a Gadsden flag we are racists. This is so over.

There is really nothing left to say Mr. President. It’s not us, it’s you; we’ve bought into your lies for the very last time. Enjoy your last year in the White House; we hope it goes by quickly.


The Youth of America