Over the past couple months there have been powerful storms that have left many communities in our country devastated. We all want to help, but aren’t exactly sure what we can do to help. Today I heard about one organization’s idea to help those whose lives have been forever changed by these terrible storms, As A Mom’s Blankets, Books and Buddies program.

As A Mom, is an organization that started after a special for mother’s on the 9/12 Project. The mission of As A Mom, as stated on their website is to create a network of mom’s who are actively fighting for their children’s future.

Their website states it like this,

We fulfill the mission of As a Mom… A Sisterhood of Mommy Patriots by supporting, encouraging, inspiring, mentoring, educating, informing and mobilizing principled mothers, grandmothers, daughters, & guardians – Moms at heart – who actively fight for our children’s future. We proudly stand up for our nation’s Constitution by creating a sisterhood of Mommy Patriots both online and in person dedicated to the 9 Principles & 12 Values of” The9.12 Project”* To which we add this: Children are a gift from God and a sacred responsibility.

For more go here.

AAM has started the “Blankets, Books and Buddies Program” to help with the relief efforts of families who have been hit by the recent tornados. It is easy for us to see the material destruction that has occurred in areas like Tuscaloosa and Joplin, but it is hard for us to imagine the impact these storms have had on the families in these communities, especially the children.

AAM members asked themselves, “If our children lost everything, what would they want?” This was the result of that simple question. If you’re looking for a way to help the victims of these storms, and don’t live nearby or have the means of getting there, this simple task can make a big difference in the life of a scared child.

Books, Blankets and Buddies (stuffed animals or toys), is a not so obvious way of helping provide a little comfort and normalcy to the children in these affected areas.

AAM asks that all blankets are new or homemade, donated books can be slightly used, and that stuffed toys be new. While there are still other areas in need of donations, AAM is asking that all donations go to Joplin, MO this week. All items need to be shipped by Monday, June 6th.

Please ship them to:
Precious Moments
Attn: As A Mom — BBB
4105 Chapel Road
Carthage, MO 64836

Make sure to mark all boxes with AsAMom–BBB.

Precious Moments and their Collector’s Club will be accepting the shipment for the Blankets, Books and Buddies Program, and June 9th, the packages will be sorted and presented to the shelters and distribution centers.

For more information on the Blankets, Books and Buddies Program, and other way and areas to help, go here.

Charity plays a large role in what makes our country exceptional, so make sure to get involved and help your fellow Americans. We all have the ability to assist those in need in some way, shape or form.