Imagine what our country would look like would look like if truth was not the exception, but instead was the norm.

Glenn Beck has been traveling all over the globe the last week or two in preparation for the Restoring Courage Rally to take place in Jerusalem on August 24th. While in Israel, Glenn was given the opportunity to address the Knesset, which is kind of like the Israeli version of Congress.

Glenn’s speech was very well received by the Knesset. It was evident that what Glenn has been saying about Israel and the challenges ahead were not shocking or conspiratorial to the Israeli people, like our mainstream media paints them to be. Glenn touched on a lot of things in this speech, the main being the media, and that the way people get their information is quickly changing. People want to hear the truth from the media, but no one seems to want to tell the truth. Glenn’s advice, “think out of the box… by telling the truth.”

It is crazy how hard it is to find anyone who will speak openly and honestly in the media. …I swear honest reporting use to be part of the job description of a journalist

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Every American should listen to this message. Often, those who tune out from the news do so because they think either everyone is lying or nothing ever changes. The first is arguable, the second is incredibly wrong. Things are changing faster than ever before, it’s just happening subtlety, behind closed doors.

Partisan politics have shifted the conversation away from the truth, and towards individuals and party platforms. In turn, we have started fighting one another instead of our problems, and distorted what truth looks like. That has to change. We are not going to be able to solve any problems we face currently or in the future if we don’t change our perspective. It’s not about a politician, a party, or what the mainstream media tells you is important each day. All that really matters is the truth. We can’t fix our problems until we take an honest look directly at them.

Imagine what our country would look like …better yet, imagine what the world would look like if Truth wasn’t the exception, but instead was the consistent norm.

Here is an interview which took place following Glenn Beck’s speech: