It’s only fair to give the president a reasonable amount of time to get the economy back on track from what some have called “the biggest downturn since the great depression.”

But with unemployment staying uncomfortably high at 9.2% and the economy buckling under the weight of out of control fiscal spending in Washington, many have expressed disappointment with the presidents’ performance.

It’s an abysmally weak report. All of the distress indicators are flashing red,

said Patrick O’Keefe, economic research director and former deputy assistant secretary at the U.S. Labor Department.

The U.S. employment picture, especially for young Americans, went from depressing to uber depressing in June as employers added virtually no new net jobs and the unemployment rate moved up for the third straight month, to 9.2%.

Jay-Z’s private listening party for his collaborative album with Kanye West, Watch the Throne, took a political turn when the rap legend commented on President Obama.


“You gotta fix (the country’s current climate). Can’t fix it all in one day. Numbers don’t lie, it’s f***ed up out there, unemployment is still high.”

When questioned about his wavering support for the Commander in Chief, who the Hova himself campaigned for in 2008, he responded: “He’s the president, it’s fair.”

Later, he joked that President Obama should have let him deliver the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death to the American public the way he would have done it on the street: “He was a threat, you know what I mean? We handled that.”

Jay Z publicly supported the presidents run for office in 2012. JayZ and wife Beyonce have dined with the Obama’s and Beyonce even sang at the Presidents inauguration.

Why does this public criticism even matter? A-list celebrities and young Americans came out in overwhelming numbers during the 2008 election, and were some of the Presidents biggest supporters. Could this be the beginning of a trend of  President Obama supporters starting to see past the Presidents own celebrity appeal and realize his actions may not be whats best for our country? If unemployment continues to stay high, more and more supporters may come to the realization that criticism of the President is justified and as time has passed things have gotten worse not better.

With the 2012 Presidential elections knocking on the door, President Obama’s got 99 problems, but fixing the economy obviously aint one.