76 Garments is a new company with old roots. Consider the following:

Do it the Hard Way.
Embrace the Truth.
Be Authentic.
Observe our Past.
Create your Future.

Doing it the hard way means doing it right. Our shirts are made and printed in the United States, because sometimes shortcuts just don’t cut it. We would rather support American industry and pay honest wages than save a few bucks. Embracing the truth means wearing it on your sleeve, chest, or wherever our shirts are emblazoned with uncompromising principles. Embracing the truth means rising above the politics and the status quo to sink your teeth into the heart of an issue.

Truth leads to authenticity. We handcraft more, experiment more, and strip away veneers so that our designs are pure and potent. The results not only look good, they are good. These guiding principals owe much to historic American values, and are essential for creating the future you want for yourself.

76 Garments is pleased to present our first shirt designs, ‘Star of David’ and ‘Stand.’ These shirts are hand numbered, and hold a bold message that shows the world that you stand with Israel, one of America’s strongest and most loyal allies, and her right to defend herself.

As a nation under crushing pressure, Israel stands courageously against openly hostile neighbors, a biased media and the condescending opinions of world leaders who are increasingly unsympathetic to her history and sovereignty. By wearing the Star of David, the ancient symbol of Jewish Identity, show your support for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people to the world around you.

While both shirts support Israel in message, the ‘Star of David’ (blue) shirt goes a step farther. 76 Garments is donating 100% of profits from Star of David toRestoring Courage US, a grassroots movement being lead by college students and young adults, uniting communities across America in support of Israel by organizing telecasts of “Restoring Courage.”

Restoring Courage is an epic event being lead by Glenn Beck, an unwavering supporter of Israel, and hosted by his company, Mercury Radio Arts. This August, Mr. Beck invites those who value freedom, honor and faith to travel to Jerusalem and stand with him and leaders from all across the globe to support Israel and the Jewish people. There are three events that will take place in Israel, the main event being on August 24th. Restoring Courage will unite voices from around the world to send the message that Israel does not stand alone, and remind us of the need for faith, honor and courage in our own lives.

While you may not be able to make it to Jerusalem, groups across the country are organizing to watch this historic event on GBTV. Your purchase of ‘Star of David’ will help to amplify the impact of Restoring Courage US across America.

If you choose to wear one of our garments, please, Wear with Vigor.