Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, announced that he is entering the presidential race this past weekend at the Red State event in Charleston, SC. Perry, the governor of the state that has created over 50% of the jobs in America over the past two years, is a quick favorite among many, while others are more skeptical of his past.

Governor Perry’s announcement speech carried the message that many have been waiting to hear from a conservative candidate, and carried it boldly. Perry told the crowd, ‎”In America the people are not subjects of the government, the government is subject to the people.” He made a point to let everyone listening know that if he becomes President of the United States, he wants to keep the federal government out of our lives as much as possible.

Governor Perry’s announcement speech

Perry appeals to both the grass roots and some of the more establishment-type republicans. One thing is certain, the road to picking a Republican nominee to take on President Obama just got a lot more interesting and is far from over.