So I’m sure the democratic strategists and spin junkies are breathing a collective sigh of relief that their not being blasted at by ray-guns and abducted for evil experiments in District 9 of New York City.  As you might know by now, Bob Turner (R) was elected in a special election to fill the vacant seat of disgraced Anthony Weiner.   Already the trending argument is that “this district has been trending down for democrats in consecutive elections” – while that may be true, it’s by no-means a GOP stronghold.  District 9 is considered a more conservative part of New York City boasting a solid 33% registered voters as republicans.

I thought they made a movie about this!

Now, I’m not good at math, but I’m pretty sure a 3-1 advantage in any district – that winds up in a loss, means that something went seriously wrong.  Was it Wiener-gate?  Chances are this played a small role (*wink).  But if I were a betting man, I’d put money on two other factors – The Economy and Israel.  (Wait…Israel? – that’s not a borough!)

True, Israel isn’t a borough, but it does hold a strong place in the heart of many of District 9’s voters.  And despite the attacks being made on President Obama’s stance on Israel, many of the voters (heck, the rest of the country), don’t believe that this president is faithful/loyal/supportive to our ally, Isreal.

Ed Koch (D), a former mayor for New York, endorsed the GOP candidate (Bob Turner – R) saying that the best way for Democrats to show their displeasure with the president was by sending him a message with a loss in this district.  Now whether he is unhappy with this Administration’s stance on Israel or a general displeasure in the way the country is being run – do some reading about the election and make up your own mind.  I’m betting you’ll find strong arguments for both cases.

So while the media glances over the arrival of an alien race in New York City, trouble continues to brew for this president on his economic policies and dwindling support among his Jewish democrat supporters.

At least both sides of the aisle got together to wish Anthony Wiener well, and send him off in style! (Video Here)