Gen Y TV is a network for 18-35 year olds that addresses the opportunities and challenges facing young adults today. Article and video segments focus on lifestyle, communication, technology, and politics as they apply to the generation, and feature interview with celebrities, artists, professionals, and political activists lending their unique perspective on such topics.

Britt Hysen is called The Voice of Gen Y by industry professionals for invoking a much needed conversation among her peers. A former actress on AMC’s Mad Men, Britt traded the glamour of Hollywood for the opportunity to be a catalyst for the new movement and help facilitate an awakening of her generation. She recently became a non-partisan contributor to Big, and was the only reporter to cover the South Central LA Black Tea Party Rally against the NAACP National Convention which was not aired by the networks.

Britt is currently expanding her platform, Gen Y TV, to incorporate high quality, user-generated content, and is encouraging documentarians and citizen journalists (18-35) to be active in the discussion. Her network will provide a new distribution source for young content producers, and allow members to collaborate on projects, share thoughts and opinions, and unite as a creatively, sustainable community. Britt’s talk show, Discover Your Voice, will continue to feature celebrities, professionals, and activists that provide fact-based opinion and positive messaging.

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