We know that there is something wrong with our society when we start scrutinizing people for publicly proclaiming their faith. However, I do not know which is worst; the fact that it is specifically the Christian faith people choose to attack, or targeting Tim Tebow for displaying his religious fervor on the football field– which according to the first amendment – he has every right to do.

The idea that if it was any other adversarial religion – such as the Islamic faith – the outcomes and the reactions would not stay consistent with those ostensible mockeries that are currently taking place against Tebow.

Imagine if the same Denver Broncos quarterback (Tebow), professed his admiration for the Islamic faith, and is a devout follower of the religion. Thus in every touch down, he genuinely bows down towards Mecca. And now imagine that Tony Scheffler and Stephen Tulloch, from the Detroit Lions, decide to make a mockery out of this, and they too bow down towards Mecca after scoring a touch down or tackling him down. Which is precisely what happened when they played against Tebow.

I am certain that whatever the outcome is, it will not be pleasant.

Most likely, religious leaders and those who practice the Muslim faith would resort to virulence outbursts. Coaches and players would coercively be subjected to making public apologies. The media propaganda and other news sources would mostly likely utterly destroy the very reputation of Scheffler and Tulloch.

Why? Simple.

Religion in America is sacred and should be respected. Any violation of that respect is vulnerable to condemnation – whether your Buddhist, Jewish, Christian or Muslim, etc. Yet, why is it okay to make jokes out of a man who expresses his soul and genuinely practices the Christian Faith?

Could it be because Tebow represents a great role model? For once, here is a nice person who respects and treats others with dignity, and no one can dig up any dirt on him. Darnitt! Now there is no room to call him a hypocrite! We must now resort to “name-calling.”

Ultimately, numerous NFL players and fans are ceaselessly hoping that Tebow will be a huge failure.

It took me a while to acknowledge why an abundance amount of people were constantly ridiculing him. I finally realized that he makes people feel uncomfortable. He reminds us that the discourse between the liberals and the conservatives on taking the Lord out of our constitution is unjust. He is simply too good.

For instance, I never once observed Tebow verbally fighting back. It seems like he always finds the good in every one – albeit some who scorn him. This for me really says a lot about our society.

It is no longer good… and that scares me.