Caution: While edited, this video may not be suitable for everyone due to language and the topic being discussed.

Planned Parenthood Exposed: Is this how you want your tax dollars spent? Footage in this video was filmed at the Walk for “Choice” Rally for Planned Parenthood in Chicago, IL, February 27, 2011.

First off, I realize this video is a montage of extreme, pro-abortion individuals, however, those who are simply “pro-choice” due to their apathetic viewpoint that being pro-life infringes on the rights of a women, I have a bridge to sell you.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the signs these protestors are marching around with throughout the video.

“My mom is pro-choice”

“Women’s Rights > Zygotes”

“Abortion on Demand and Without Apology”

“My Body, My Choice”

Oh, and my personal favorite, “Keep Your Rosaries Off My Ovaries.” Because it is the Rosaries fertilizing your ovaries.

Many of these signs were professionally printed by an organization called NARAL, a group that cleverly describes pro-lifers as anti-choice. In my opinion, those who stand firmly against abortion are pro-choice. They choose to have the common sense to know when the choice is made. Everyone has a choice whether or not they use birth control when engaging in sexual activity, or remaining abstinent. I assume anyone making this choice know where babies come from by now.

Somehow, waiting until you are mature enough to take responsibility of a pregnancy before becoming sexually active became an old-fashioned, diminishing idea. Our government, educators, and entertainers have found a method which teaches kids all they need to know about safe-sex and more, but refusing to acknowledge the impending human life that may result from their actions. Forget having a conversation about ‘the birds and the bees,” or answering the always awkward question of “Where do babies come from?” just hand the kid a condom and go about your day. America’s youth are being taught through example to view the most innocent among us as a “punishment” instead of the product of an action. Even if you did view that pregnancy as a punishment, when did mistakes became immune to consequences?

My parents’ house certainly must operated differently growing up than President Obama’s must for his girls. As a teenager, if sat my folks down with the shocking news that I was pregnant, I am not sure what my parents would have said, but I am certain it would not have been, “I don’t want you punished with a baby. Where is the nearest abortion clinic?” My wild assumption is that most future grandparents’ first thought is not on how to murder the unborn; although, some fathers may briefly consider murdering the father of the child. I won’t bother entertaining you with what would happen if told my parents “I really want them to stop making decisions about my body with their Bibles,” like the unseemly young lady said in this video, but it would not be pretty.

Mistakes have a purpose of education. I was under the impression liberals were all about education and advancing society. You don’t have to be a Bible-beating religious zealot to know that when a society stops learning, it stops advancing. Without trial and error the human race would be extinct. America has somehow reached an era where a large sect of our population refuses to acknowledge the failures of the past, and is currently repeating them. Abortion was not some scientific, physician researched procedure of pregnancy prevention, quite the opposite. Abortion stemmed from removing the “undesirables” from society, eugenics. The founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger is well known for her racist slurs and extreme worldview.

Our ‘feel-good’ society has mistaken accessibility as a synonym for acceptability. The ‘wussification’ of the youth in America from people like our President, who doesn’t want young people to experience punishment for bad choices is erasing the wisdom of right from wrong in society. I don’t want government regulation over everything in our society, but for that to happen, we need responsible Americans, who understand actions have consequences. The accessibility of abortions, drugs, porn, prostitution, etc, does not make them acceptable behavior.