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I recently went and saw Andrew and Jon Erwin’s new pro-life inspired film titled “October Baby.” The film highlights the journey of 19 year-old Hannah (Rachel Hendrix) as she learns that she was actually adopted after surviving a failed late-term abortion. The powerful, gripping storyline highlights the unfortunate symptoms of an abortion approved culture, and takes you to a world in which one’s heart cannot help but break at the thought of innocent life being discarded.

You saw me before I was born -Psalm 139:16

Rachel Hendrix, a world class talent, did an excellent job portraying Hannah, who by no choice of her own, was left with the emotional and physical scars of feeling rejected and unwanted by her biological parents. Every time you looked into the eyes of Hannah, you couldn’t help but think, “This precious life almost never happened… how many more Hannahs out there were never given the chance of life?”

Excellent performances by John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard, Smallville), Jasmine Guy (A different world) and the rest of the cast. October Baby is a compelling, captivating story that highlights one of the most polarizing issues of our day and adds a human element to the unfortunate horror of abortion. A heart wrenching production that left not a dry eye in the theatre. This was a story not solely focused on abortion, but on true forgiveness and moving past hurt and the past. I’m glad to see movie makers taking a stand on such important issues, issues that without a doubt are near to God’s own heart. This movie is a bold statement that every life is beautiful and has purpose, and it has the potential to significantly transform the culture of our country. A must see for the whole family.