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What I Knew

So this weekend, I went to the movies with my girlfriend to go see the movie that everyone has been raving about — well… about the books.  I should start this off by saying, I only had a small understanding of the storyline going into the theater – so if you haven’t read the books yet, this review will probably be aimed more towards you. (Sorry if I offend any of the Hunger Games book junkies out there – I promise when I pick a book back up, I’ll read the Hunger Games)

Instead I got a mix of “The Fifth Element” and “Schindler’s List” – And it was awesome.

My Opinion:

The biggest thing I had to wrap my head around was the drastic contrast of characters – and that in the first 10 minutes there is giant space-craft-like thing that slowly hovers over a couple of characters as they’re in the woods.  I went into this thinking that it was going to be a realistic battle between an overarching government and its enslaved people.  Instead I got a mix of “The Fifth Element” and “Schindler’s List” – And it was awesome.

The movie is quite serious in its nature – there are not many moments you’ll laugh.  It is really a disturbing thought when you boil down the plot – Pit a group of children against one another to fight to the death.  And the way the children portrayed their roles in this film, had me holding my breath in certain situations.

This is also quite a lengthy movie, however, I feel that they could have extended it longer and I would have enjoyed it even more.  On the contrast, I don’t think this movie would be one I would watch often at home.  It would be one of those movies that you love to watch with a group of people – especially if some in the group have yet to see the film

I purposefully didn’t go into all aspects of the film like a true critic – because let’s face it, I can’t pull off the snooty remarks and arrogant persona that they pull off so well.  So to sum up my Hunger Games review. I like it a lot.


From my vast collection of DVD’s, the acting in this movie is as good as any of my other – But I thought From Justin to Kelly was good – so use your own judgement.


Freaking great – I don’t really know a better way to sum it up.  Okay, I’ll try – Take a snapshot of the left-wing people in our country – and fast forward several hundred years.  (Ok, maybe I’ll sum this up below my review)


So I’m kind of a weird fanatic about music from movies – I can typically hear a tune that is used in an inspirational commercial, or some sort of whacked out music used in some other promotional material – and I can identify where I first heard it.  The music from the Hunger Games isn’t something I think I will remember whenever I hear it, but it definitely sells the mood and puts you into the story.

My Reflection:

To further reflect on my “political view” of this movie – It seems to be developing one of those things we all used to get out of watching sitcoms and movies…what are they called…Oh yeah – A moral to the story.  An oppressive government is never a good thing – and my comment about this being a snapshot on the left isn’t a stretch in my imagination.  Do you think that the far left in this country wouldn’t be the first to throw people they despised into a “Reality Game” that made them fight to the death?

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