Again away from politics – but towards something each of us as a person has — The ability to create stuff!    Check out the work that goes into creating a major motion picture like Transformers.  Again, as the visual guy here at FVA, I figured I’ll continue to share cool stuff as I come across it.  Here is a visual effects breakdown of Transformers 3.  This shows you how they got those amazing shot’s – the one’s where you’re like…”How’d they do that!” — well here’s how.

So What’s Going on in This?

What you’re seeing here is a mix of 3d graphic work being combined with live-action (Filming People).  You’ll see the shots of the city and of the aircraft – What is happening is the CG artists are, in essence, re-creating the environment in a virtual world.  They’ll take the prominent buildings and re-create them to fit what they are trying to do.  For instance, the beginning shot, with the aircraft flying over the building.  They’ll re-create the building in a virtual world – then put it into place of the film they shot.  This will then allow them to re-create anything they want.

How do they do it?

They do this by filming the shot first  – then using a “Motion Tracking Tool” (See Below),  they bring their art into the scene in software.  The editing software combined with the “Motion Tracking Tool”  creates the effect that the 3d art is genuinely in the film — kinda cool, huh?

What is happening at :48 of the video?

I’m not positive on their technique – but a lot of VFX artists will take multiple still pictures of a background environment, then line them up inside software. So generally they can take about 50 still pictures and create a “Super-high-resolution” image and use that as their background.  This seems to be what the VFX artists are doing in this shot.