I was listening on Spotify (which is pretty cool – finally decided to use it!)  to music that I hadn’t heard in a while,  and was rocking out to all sorts of stuff! Train’s “Hey Soul Sister” came up and it was the version from “Glee” – Which kinda caught me off guard and sounded completely different, but kinda cool – since it’s all “acapella“.  I put acapella in quotes because it’s anything except that…Sorry Glee fans.  The music is good, but just made me think of how much we’ve lost sight of what true talent is – I looked up “Hey Soul Sister” on youtube looking to find people really singing it…I came across the video I posted below.  There’s no second takes, no audio re-mastering, and no auto tuning to help out troubled vocalists…Just a group of kids playing instruments.  And I’d rather hear them in person than the cast of Glee.  Let me know what you think.

Real Talent:

Hollywood Talent: