In the event of a conservative victory in November with full majorities in both houses, how can we prove a point to the mindless leftist drones that Government overreach has its consequences (ON EITHER SIDE)? 

What is one of the biggest issues that separates the left from the right?  Guns…nah – Taxes…umm, not the biggest – Abortion…that’ll work.

I’m not the type to defend either position because I feel that it shuts down most arguments from the start (I definitely have my personal opinion – but I choose not to argue this topic.)

But given the recent ruling the Supreme Court handed our politicians – The ability to tax behavior – what better way to illustrate to these people that government can be too big.

According to Forbes, the average person has a career that spans 40-years and results in quite a bit of revenue for the federal government.  The average U.S. worker across all occupations makes $43,460 per year – paying an average of $4,713 in income taxes.

What happens if you abort a child…you have denied the U.S. government an average of $355,366 in income taxes (based on inflation rates).

Now the U.S. Government doesn’t want to miss out on juicy taxes, right?

The U.S. government has full authority (now even more) to levy any taxes it feels fit.

So my suggestion is, let’s make sure that anyone willing to have an abortion must pay the taxes of the aborted child – how does that sound?

So, maybe the answer to waking up this portion of our country is by handing them a dose of their own medicine (eh-hem…healthcare innuendo).  Maybe we should require people that abort a child to pay a “penalty” tax of the average taxes that person has denied the federal government.

Hey, at least I’m not saying it’s based on that outdated commerce clause…That’s soooo yesterday.


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