If you are anything like I am, the affirmation of the Affordable Care Act by the Supreme Court hit you like a MACK truck.  Americans, who overwhelmingly disapprove of the law, dodged one bullet, rejection of the Commerce Clause, only to be shot by another; Congress’s ability to tax.  Nancy Pelosi was right, “she would dig under the wall, pole-vault over the wall or parachute down. “Well she made it over that wall; good for her bad for us. Chief Justice Roberts, siding with the liberal side of the Court, affirmed that decision contrary to many factors; including that the tax must originate in the House instead of the Senate. The lesson to be learned is that the Supreme Court cannot be the check to the Legislature, the American people must become that check; we’ve abdicated this responsibility for far too long.

When the Dred Scott decision, which affirmed the fugitive slave law, was made in 1857, the nation was about as split as it is now.  Like the Dred Scott’s case, this decision affects freedom and economics.  Both decisions hoped to settle a matter which has split the nation, but will only divide us further. This Supreme Court decision is the Dred Scott of this generation. It is an extremely political and legal decision which addresses the heart of much of the divisions afflicting our nation.  Then like now, we abdicated responsibility to the Courts when we should have focused on making the changes ourselves.

When examining Justice Roberts’ decision on the healthcare law it’s conceivable that he saw it as a tax which is a responsibility of the government. Herein lies the fundamental problem, our government has nearly unlimited taxation power. They can tax discriminately, especially for Democrats, so concerned with discrimination; the irony is palpable.

Here is a summary of the repercussions of this law:

  • Between 30 and 70 percent of employers have stated they will accept the penalties of the Healthcare law instead of paying for healthcare for their employees.
  • Nearly 50 percent (46%) of physicians will leave medicine.
  • The new Healthcare Law will raise health insurance premiums  19 to 30 percent.  This will affect everyone, low income, small businesses, and corporations.

Reasons to repeal the 16th amendment and abolish the IRS:

  • Nearly 1 trillion dollars in revenues which are withheld from the American Economy due to our taxation structure.
  • Increase U.S. Capital between 29 and 49 percent.
  • Increase the standard of living between 7 and 14 percent
  • Even Russia has a flat tax which had an immediate effect on overall government revenues.

Over the last 100 years the American people have railed against taxation passively, however, half of us have prepared for tax time and the refund check nearly half of us receive.  The core reason the ACA was allowed into law is we have not limited the government’s ability to tax; we’ve tried to use it for our own benefit. Our laziness or manipulations of our fellow citizens’ works are now going to affect all of us.  It’s now time to make our mission what only a few have talked about fondly; repeal the IRS and the 16th Amendment.

We’ve had nearly a century since the passage of the 16th amendment and both parties have used it to divide Americans.  Republicans have offered things like credits for social engineering and Democrats use the tax code for class warfare; both parties have caused the fracturing of this country to the breaking point. When running for the most recent Republican nomination Herman Cain was criticized by most of the other candidates for his 9-9-9 proposal.  He proposed abolishing the IRS and with the exception of Ron Paul was the only candidate to do so.  The first step toward healing our nation is to remove the spirit of envy which Democrats have fostered and Republicans have done nothing meaningful to address.  If that doesn’t end with the next election, primary or general, we will have to live in the bed we’ve made for ourselves.

The changes we seek must begin within our communities. We must challenge ourselves to unite with our neighbors, unite on our commonalities, and decide to focus our efforts on limiting government power. With our communities united we can link together, individuals joining together for a common purpose. This challenge was posed to Americans once before and it tore us apart; let’s change history together.  We now stand at a cross roads, do we learn from history or repeat it following a bloody road?

Like Dred Scott, the Supreme Court decision to affirm the Affordable Care Act was made in hopes of putting something to rest.  Slavery, physical or economic was the only thing that was affirmed.  The decision by the 1857 Court necessitated the 14th amendment.  If Americans truly want to be free of this law and others like it, a new Constitutional Amendment will be required; so let’s give them one, and unify our nation in the process.  If history, or current events, is any judge prosperity is what follows.