Now that both candidates are back in full campaign mode after taking a brief break due to the “super storm,” the last five days will be filled with multiple stops in multiple states. Ohio seems to be getting the most attention, with Wisconsin, Virginia, Iowa and New Hampshire just a step behind. Colorado, Florida and Nevada also get visits from each camp.

Suffice it to say, these eight states are the real “battleground states” that will end up deciding this election. As of this time, neither Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina or Pennsylvania find themselves in play.

Below is the tentative schedule for both campaigns. Of course, things can change in a moment, so check back to Future Voices for updates.

Thursday November 1st
Obama: Wisconsin, Nevada, Colorado
Romney: Virginia

Friday November 2nd
Obama: Ohio
Romney: Wisconsin, Ohio

Saturday November 3rd
Obama: Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia
Romney: New Hampshire, Colorado

Sunday November 4th
Obama: New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio, Colorado
Romney: n/a

Monday November 5th
Obama: n/a
Romney: final rally in New Hampshire