With less than 4 days to go until election night President Barack Obama is facing his Watergate and his Katrina. The Benghazi cover up is unraveling more and more each day, and now we have people dumpster diving for food and sitting in 6 hour lines for gasoline after one of the worst storms to ever hit the east coast.

Multiple sources are reporting on the chaos taking place in New York City and the surrounding areas. After four days with no electricity, no water and in many cases no food, people are desperate.

“When people cut the line, people are about to stone them,” said Chris Allegretta, who had stood in line for 90 minutes with a gas can at a filling station in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.

“They forgot about us,” said Theresa Connor, 42, describing her Staten Island neighborhood as having been “annihilated.” “And Bloomberg said New York is fine. The marathon is on,” she said, referring to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

With Bloomberg promising to run the NY City Marathon he promised no attention would be diverted from storm victims. But that is not what has taken place.

“I just walked past four huge generators. Those could be put to use for people who need them,” said Marjorie Dial, a tourist from Oregon who was shocked to see the generators in Central Park, where the marathon finishes. “What they’ve discovered on Staten Island should have been the tipping point – the bodies.”

For a President who was supposed to “slow the ocean’s rise” Obama appears to be asleep on the job. Sure he stopped in New Jersey for a quick camera op sporting his Commander-in-Chief jacket, but what in the world is being done to help these poor people ravaged by Sandy?

That desperation is why there is so much panic buying at the pump. One fuel buyer said, “This is crazy, it’s like post-apocalyptic scenarios, you know with this gas. It’s as important as food and water to people. It’s a dogfight out here.”

This situation should serve as a lesson to everyone on the Federal Government. The Federal Government cannot save your life or fix all of your problems. Yes, we live in the most advanced and prosperous country in the world, but that does not exclude us from disaster. Each and every American has to be prepared and willing to take care of themselves no matter the situation. All of Obama’s empty promises are now falling on deaf ears, cold destroyed homes and empty stomachs.

Original article authored by Kenan Knight for RightChange.com