It all comes down to this. Tomorrow is the only poll that will matter in the end. Who will the American people elect as the next President of the United States of America?

The choices couldn’t be more different this election. President Obama grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii, raised by avowed communists and Marxists; he went on to be a community organizer and Senator in the most corrupt state in the country. He has never started a business, run a business or even worked in a business. He believes the answers to all questions can be found in big liberal government.

He has stated that he believes redistribution on wealth is the best way and good for everyone. He doesn’t only want to redistribute from wealthy Americans to poor Americans, He wants to redistribute from America to the rest of the world. Barack Obama believes that America owes the rest of the world. He was raised to believe that America has been an evil nation that prospers by dictating and pillaging other less fortunate countries.

Perhaps that is the reason he told a crowd at one of his campaign rallies, ““No, no, no. Don’t boo. Vote. Voting is the best revenge.”

Revenge for what? Do Obama and his ‘followers’ still not comprehend that he has been President for the last four years and all of the problems we are facing are his and his alone at this point?

On the other hand we have Governor Romney. Governor Romney is a man whose father marched for civil rights. Governor Romney started his own business, worked in his own business, built many other hugely successful businesses, turned the Olympics around and was a success as governor of Massachusetts (and didn’t take a paycheck for the last two jobs). Romney gives nearly half of his income away in taxes and charity. He is deeply loved by everyone who has come into contact with him. Stories abound of his going out of his way to help those in need; like the terminally ill boy who asked Mitt to write out and execute a will for him.

While President Obama wants his supporters to “vote for revenge,” Mitt Romney asked Americans to “Vote for love of country.”

America has a choice to make tomorrow. Who will you choose?

Original article authored by Kenan Knight for