Despite the prognostications that Romney would win by a landslide, the reality is another Obama term.  In the context of the Supreme Court Obamacare decision and this election, God, if you believe in Him, is telling conservatives something: “stop looking to Washington to solve all the problems.”

Despite the rise in Tea Party/Libertarian thought, too much focus has been given to Federal races.  Instead of using Federalism and the powers of the 10th Amendment, groups continue to place tremendous importance on what happens at the Federal level. The time is now coming where, given the failure of the federal electoral process, it will be incumbent upon the states to push back or defy the growing federal tyranny.

Jesus asks in Mark 4:21, “Is a lamp brought to be put under a bushel, or under a bed?”  However, since the creation of the modern welfare state, we all have placed our lamps under our beds in the belief that others would provide the light. Step one in the healing process of our nation must be to uncover the light and shine, through good works locally first, then growing in scope. Through these works we shall be known, and no lie or rhetoric will be able stand against them.

My pastor told us that a child, like God, spells love, T-I-M-E and M-O-N-E-Y.  If we’re all honest, adults define love the same way. Jesus says about as much in Luke 12:34, where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. If we’re introspective, this is an uncomfortable thought. How much do we spend on gadgets, eating out, or other comforts to say nothing of the time wasted on leisure? For myself, it’s an area where I fall short and we must all strive for better. Should we take even a tithe of the time and money we spend on these distractions and instead get more involved in our communities, the light of our lives will radiate forth.

Many Christians have lost believers and alienated others due to the fact that so few of us live our faith.  We are like the Pharisees of old: hypocrites. We’ve become too many seeds sown among rocks, thorns or brambles, failing to bear fruit. We can decide to move ourselves into rich soil, however, that movement begins with changes in ourselves.

Glenn Beck provided a blueprint of how to proceed, politically, with the events of Restoring Love.  For those not familiar, this three day event in July hosted thousands of people who performed service projects throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area culminating in a concert and political rally at Cowboy Stadium. The concept is simple for we who advocate limited/small government; we must go forth and do the work we don’t want the government to “have” to do. We must be proactive and visible feeding the hungry, helping the poor out of their poverty.

Our works and interactions will serve to spread the message we advocate and show that we are capable of helping each other. Thus we will negate the need for governmental intervention. These acts must become routine and part of our tithe to God or, if you don’t believe, to our nation. Failure simply proves the point of Progressives that Big Government is needed because we are too lazy. We have seen this self-fulfilling prophecy play out once already.

Our nation was built on biblical principles adapted to fit the present reality. The realities of human nature and our failings have not changed in five thousand years, let alone two hundred fifty. To reclaim what we had or what we say we want, will take the hard work our founders underwent. It will take raising the lantern and rebuilding ourselves into a city on a hill.