About the time of the 2008 election, I realized the GOP or Republican party would not be able to lead us out of this darkness. Looking at the available options of third parties, I saw the Constitution Party and the Libertarians as two very similar groups with separate and ineffective organizations. Considering the largely common principles and values of the two parties, the idea of combining forces and focusing on state and local races seemed to be a good beginning. After the Progressive infiltration of the Republican party and its continued ineptitude, the best way forward appears to be a the establishment of a new party. This party should be built on the principles of the Constitution, focusing more on Federalist principles.

Many have said and still believe the Republican Party is the only group with the infrastructure to stand nationally against the Democratic/Socialist party, but we have to ask ourselves “at what cost?”  Wouldn’t time and money spent on folks who are luke-warm or Progressive Republicans be better spent building a party that could stand toe to toe with both the current major political parties? In my experience, change rarely comes from within, but from challenges to the status quo. With the current setup, the GOP (who thought that was a good name?) controls the apparatus and people like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee are the exception, not the rule. The recent primary elections and subsequent electoral defeats show the current structure is fundamentally flawed and should be abandoned.

After the 2010 election, Conservatives should have realized the GOP had not learned their lesson. The new Tea Party Congress elected the same congressional speaker that presided over eight wasted years and the same Minority leader was selected in the Senate. I always thought it was the unions who were focused on seniority. Aren’t Republicans supposed to focus on merit? The result of the 2010 wave was a failure of negotiating and utilizing the possessed responsibilities and powers. The 2012 Presidential primary season bore little difference. After a long, drawn-out primary process, the people selected the guy who ran last time (just like before) and strangely got the same result. When will we realize the definition of insanity?

Our founders were reluctant to shift from the status quo as well. For years they fought and pleaded with the king. Eventually, they too realized that change must come from without, not from within. The tyranny they opposed is returning, this time of our own making. The tyranny has been of the making of both Democrats and Republicans. It will take an external force to create true change.

A new party, one focused on liberty for all, can be forged and thus utilize lessons learned from the Tea Party. A new party can create a new, more flexible infrastructure and, as it succeeds, absorb the resources and talent from the previous party. The Libertarian and Constitution parties have basic infrastructure and ballot access in most areas. If they would agree to combine, the party would number approximately five million Americans and more would join quickly.

The Liberty Party would, as I envision, be a party focused on Constitutional government. It would be a party focused on Federalism and a strengthening of the 10th Amendment. It would seek to delegate social responsibility to local and state authorities. Instead of attempting to legislate behavior, it would focus its energy on getting churches to step up and lead. Most of all, the Liberty Party would be a meritocracy, as our country was envisioned. It would rely on charitable efforts to spread its message of self-reliance, and seek to embrace all. Emphasis on equal justice for all would be paramount. In short, it would be a true restoration of our founding principles. There may be elements of the platform that would need to be resolved between Libertarians and Constitionalists (drug legalization for one). What will be important is that we offer as many people as possible a candidate who reflects core principles.

There is little reason to hope for better from the current GOP. Stars like Paul Ryan, Rand Paul and Allen West are the exceptions and there could be a place for them within the new party, but to attempt to reform the party from within will take time we don’t have. There may not be any time anyway, but for us to truly have a chance we must break away and prove free-market principles. We must create a better product and compete.

The Liberty Party, by providing choice, will offer the real way out for all Americans. It will require organization, individual effort, and real people who want to serve, instead of be served. It is time to stop choosing the lesser of two evils and lead ourselves into the future. With Liberty and Justice for all, we can change the future.