“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  This quote from scripture, most often attributed to Pres. Lincoln during the Civil War, seeks to emphasize the necessity for unity of purpose and the unity of the country.  After the most recent election, the President who ran as a unifying figure has divided us even further.  A coalition of minority groups was found to re-elect a president whose performance has been the poorest in recent memory.    Only a mere, 400,000 votes separated Pres. Obama from Mitt Romney after the final tally, and voter fraud in many key counties, if proven accurate, may have tipped the balance.  Now more than any time in the past 150 years, we are a nation divided.

In 2009, Russian political science Professor Igor Panarin predicted that the US would suffer an economic collapse which would cause a civil war.  While Professor Panarin believed the collapse would take place as of 2010, it’s not the first prediction.  Prof. Andrew Hacker as early as 1968 predicted that a collapse of America would occur due to the decay of American culture and glorification of the individual self, decaying the community.  Well two out of three isn’t bad.  While many have scoffed at these dire predictions, consider, as soon as the results were decided by the media, petitions began in as many as twenty states to request peaceful secession from the union.  It should be noted that these are primarily from residents of those states, but it speaks to the level of unease, concern, and protest of the federal government and the future administration. This came as close to a vote of no confidence of the government we just elected. 

When Governor Rick Perry discussed secession last year in a speech as the final step to check the federal government’s overreach he was widely criticized.  Texas it should be noted has in its constitution that it can secede without penalty or legal recourse from the federal government.   However the law, as Thomas Jefferson once noted, has increasingly become “merely the whim of a tyrant.”  With citizens from nearly half the union now discussing secession, something previously unthinkable, the world and our country’s future becomes even more disconcerting. 

Our division comes from many areas, the first of which our founders knew too well; we have become a government of men, not laws.  Each side has its boogeymen, it’s folks who are above the law, for the progressives it’s bankers and CEOs, never mind that these folks are largely supported by big government Democrats as well as Republicans.  For conservatives, they are politicians who play by their own rules and are not held to the law from either side.  Beginning with the pardon of Nixon by Pres. Ford after Watergate, and more recently with the incomprehensible number of scandals and levels of corruption from all politicians, the law only applies to those without power.  America is no longer good, and so we may cease to be great. 

The way out will take a return to justice and the view that no one is above the law.  As polarized as our country has become, there must be true justice, and condemnation must come only from the facts. Secondly, the government must shrink and effective advocates for reduction must step forward, while some of these individuals do exist they are far too few.  The people must be educated, as the traditional watchmen of government have become as corrupt as those in government who live above the law.  New sentinels must stand and be able to open the minds of the people to the truth of our situation.  Bread and circuses eventually caused the fall of the Roman Empire as the citizenry grew too apathetic and complacent.  We now face a similar tipping point and failure is not an option. 

The divisions of this country are now real and found everywhere.  We have been divided along, racial, economic, moral, and political lines by people in both parties who only seek power.  Reforms of not only our political process, but how every citizen handles their everyday affairs are vital to our survival from this storm.  It cannot be politicians who unite, but the people who must agree on key principles to survive the consequences we will soon experience.   A house divided against itself cannot stand, so too must we unite, or fall as a Divided States of America.