Reviewing the data from exit polls, and various polls since shows how the GOP lost not only the election, but are losing with millennial voters, one of the largest demographics in politics; it’s the culture, stupid.  Conservatives derided President Obama for doing interviews with Pimp on a Limp and David Letterman, and rightfully so, but the Democrats have long since understood that elections are won or lost long before it’s time to cast the ballot.  They are won daily, through the culture that’s promoted.

A recent article on TheBlaze, attempts to determine where the GOP goes from here.  Judging from recent news, fiscal conservatives get the shaft from House leadership; Rick Santorum being asked if he’ll run again, Newt 2016, the GOP still hasn’t gotten the message.  Social issues aren’t resonating with millennials or several other key voting demographics.  The real problem is that social conservatives have looked to the political process for far too long, instead of making changes and investing in changing the culture.  Could this be the reason that Progressives are just as prevalent in the GOP as the Democratic Party?  It’s hard to spread a message of freedom while attempting to legislate personal views, and it’s inevitable that personal views will be the motive for action instead of the same freedom for all.

After spending half a billion dollars on SuperPACs and political consultants, it’s possible that the Sheldon Adelsons of the world may see that their money is better spent in culture that spreads the message instead of political theater which only the politically minded observe.    In a post shortly after the election, Tim Ross writes here his advice for Republicans:

There needs to be workshops and they need to be instructed and mentored by our more prominent Republicans in the industry. We need scripts that promote Republican principals and scripts that tell the truth about Democrats. A structured workshop with seasoned writers would help; the same for acting. Many of the younger generation need to better hone their craft.  

Before TheBlaze TV, was launched and the speculation of what Glenn Beck was going to do next, I told a friend of mine that he was going to Texas to create a new Hollywood.  After nearly two years it’s starting, but if the kind of money that was poured into the 2012 campaign was dumped into similar enterprises, Hollywood would be toast and Texas would be booming even more than it does today. 

One of the conclusions of TheBlaze article mentioned previously was that millennials are very pro small business and entrepreneur.  Given the perception issues that Republicans face regularly, one way to address this lack, would be to design reality shows around real small business folks facing real struggles.  The Real Entrepreneurs of America, for example, could follow the struggles of making payroll, the long hours; the drama that goes into running a business and puts a face that can be associated. 

Another reality show could be designed around Tea Partiers and their charity efforts, Extreme Makeover Community Edition.  The purpose is to connect with people on an emotional level, communicating what we know to be true, charity is about people not government and taxes. Preaching for the past 40 years has gotten the conservative movement nowhere and now is the time we must change or perish. 

Lastly, the best way to really capture the culture is through comedy.  Conservative comedians must be found, cultivated and given multiple forums.  Conservative music, Christian rock and other more patriotic forms are expanding and avenues must be devised to spread their popularity. Talk shows, similar to old Tonight Show would offer the kind of venue to promote culture.  If any type of conservative/libertarian ideals are to persist in the future, the big money behind politics must get in the culture game, and soon. 

When socialism polls better than capitalism, we have a problem which must be addressed. If the ideals of social conservatism and the culture warriors persist, they must wage those compete in the culture; entertainment, art, literature. The concept of legislating morals is coming to an end as the electorate rejects many traditional concepts of morality.  If social conservatism or any conservatism is to succeed, the battlefield of ideas must expand, into the realms of entertainment, art, music and literature.  It’s time for a cultural competition.