It’s going to be a busy summer. With the showdown on the immigration bill, the Healthcare law, and the subsequent action that the Liberty movement will need to take to hold the line, everyone is going to be swamped. But with the actions that must be taken, we also must review our tactics. If any of the polls regarding public acceptance of the Tea Party and Libertarian movement are any judge, these tactics need adjustment.

This isn’t to downplay or criticize the Tea Party or those who’ve been leading the charge on education, activism, and the outcry of the Liberty movement, but I do believe many are discouraged that our voices aren’t enough. Our “representatives,” even some of those who we have worked to get elected, have ignored what we have been most vocal in extolling. If our suspicions are correct and change is coming, then it’s time to lay the groundwork as our founders did, with new media organizations.

When the first liberty movement arose, the press was instrumental in its propagation and success. This is where the new Liberty movement must go: creation of a new Associated Press and new publications from citizen journalists who report on their local areas. These local affiliates can be monthly newsletters or weekly publications and offer real alternatives to the dying print media apparatus. While Libertarian leaning financiers like the Koch Brothers and Jeff Bezos are purchasing major publications, we, as citizens, should do something we should have done long ago, create our own local publications instead of railing against the existing progressive infrastructure. If we believe in competition, it’s time we put our money where our mouth is.

From local publications, the movement would find greater ease transitioning to other media outlets. Instead of extolling freedom, patriotism, etc., just tell the truth; it’s a scarcity right now. Truth from local concerns like Common Core, taxes, business stories etc., would start a conversation which is where true education will take place. When stories demonstrating the impact to us all are told, we won’t have nearly as much opposition to face.

Where we have lost momentum is in bringing new people and gaining wider appeal. This also is due to our tactics. While it’s great to have pride in being American and loving Liberty, there reached a point in our society where such ardent love became a detriment. While this is lamentable, it’s a truth we ignore at our own peril.

We still face an uphill battle and there are many organizations out there which aren’t friendly to the Liberty movement. Alternatives to existing social media like and are woefully underutilized. With Facebook regularly blocking Conservative posts, we have fallen into the habit of railing against the system instead of living our values; taking our business elsewhere.

Perhaps it’s just habit or laziness, but we seem to have difficulty, as a whole, thinking outside the box. We as individuals have come up with remarkable tools to aid our dreams of liberty and equal justice for all. With the available technology, we have no excuse for not only competing, but defeating our ideological adversaries. If we are as righteous as we claim, it’s time we put our money where our mouth is.

The goal we should all aspire to is developing what we’ve been fighting against, a powerful, media and culture capable of representing our values and principles. It is through this culture we will turn the tide and reclaim the liberties our forbearers desired for their posterity. Protest signs and Constitution classes are fine for the faithful, but to grow the movement we must develop our own local press and local media.

At the dawn of the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere and many other patriots used newspapers and pamphlets to spread the message of liberty. While print media may be on the decline, citizen journalists must increasingly report what is being ignored elsewhere. Abdication has been our disease for one hundred years. If we’re to cure our country of that disease, we must begin by doing what others won’t. A little revolution now and again is a good thing.