WARNING: The Cadillac commercial you are about to view displays a large degree of American exceptionalism that will most likely be suffocating for sissies and/or democrats.

Cadillac recently aired an ad during the Sochi Olympics on NBC for its new Cadillac ELR electric car. The premise of the ad was essentially “hard work” is what separates us from the rest of the world.

“Why do we work so hard? For what? For this? For stuff? Other countries they work, they stroll home, they stop by the cafe, they take August off. OFF…Why aren’t we like that? Because we’re crazy, driven, hard working believers”

The camera then begins to follow actor Neal McDonough (Band of brothers, Desperate housewives) throughout a large home where he high fives one of his kids and hands his wife a newspaper.


Wait, in the 60 seconds that were allotted for the commercial, the actor didn’t even make his kids feel special enough as they played on their $600 iPads while forcing his suffering wife to take the newspaper from him through non-verbal command?? I believe this is the part where liberals insides began to implode.

“A textbook white rich family that more than likely voted for George W. Bush?”

How offensive!

Perhaps Cadillac should have cast a mixed-race gay couple (one being a trans of course) and replaced the kids with an English Springer Spaniel and a bonsai plant. That would have for sure passed the politically correct censorship police with flying colors.

The actor went on to list a few of the most notable American inventors of our time including the Wright brothers, Bill Gates, and Les Paul while asking the question, “Were they insane?”

While other European car engineers were taking siestas at the local cafe, we were perfecting these awesome cadillacs.

This commercial is not about storing up material possessions. It has very little to do with the wealth itself and everything to do with the ingenuity and hard work that goes into acquiring wealth and “success.”

Hard work, risk taking, and overcoming extreme odds to be successful is the entrepreneurial spirit which is at the heart of what it means to be American. Our Founding Fathers and the generations that came before chose to risk everything, leave their families, communities, and lives in Europe to set out on a difficult journey to an unknown land. The first winter in Plymouth was one of extreme hardship and pain. They overcame lack of shelter, scurvy, disease, and seeing 45 of 102 of them that made the journey die in the first year. But in spite of that, with God’s help the pilgrims survived against all odds and thrived in the new world.

That same spirit lives on today, and that is the spirit the commercial is referencing.

The focus of the commercial was not about the “material things,” but about the essence of the hard working American culture and what that has produced over time. This has very little to do with a million dollar home or a pool in the back yard, and everything to do with the ingenuity of Americans that made us the fastest growing civilization in modern history. The early colonists came to this country in the same method of transportation mankind had been using for over 5,000 years… BOATS. Within 200 years we went from using boats, the same method of transportation the ancient Egyptians used, to creating rocket ships that sent man to the moon, and all of this took place within 200 years. What?

There were more advancements in the last 200 years due to God’s blessing, American ingenuity and hard work than at any other time in human history. Were there other countries that contributed great things during this time? Absolutely, but overwhelmingly it was the American people through discoveries in science, technology and engineering that changed the world. Through God’s help, a Judeo-Christian foundation for laws, free market enterprise, and rugged individualism, an environment was bred in America that unleashed the creativity of its people which changed the world and transformed the economic state for billions more across the globe.

“As for all the stuff, that’s the upside of taking only 2 weeks off in August!”

How does the commercial describe all the “stuff?” It calls it the “upside.” I LOVE that. The material stuff is not the reason we work so hard, but it can come through hard work and innovation, which is exactly what happened throughout our history. This is a commercial solely about the hard working ingenuity of Americans, while making a small dig at other countries who may not work as hard. Someone call the bully police.