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The Dangers of Marxism and Socialism

The Dangers of Marxism and Socialism God or government: Who will we serve? Missed the class? You can listen to the class audio here The evil

February 18, 2013 Economy, Founders
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Romney Camp Refuses Sweet Obama Deal

(Pictured above, Obama negotiator-in-chief Jim Messina) President Obama’s campaign offered Mitt Romney a sweet deal on Friday: Release five years of tax returns, and…. (drum roll

August 20, 2012 Elections, Opinion
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The Paul Ryan Affect

Over the weekend Mitt Romney announced U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his 2012 running mate for the White House. This was a bold move that energized both

August 14, 2012 Elections, News and Politics
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November Elections: Which Path Will America Take?

This year’s presidential race continues to remain neck and neck, but as the election approaches many believe the country is headed down the wrong track. Sixty-five percent (65%) of respondents in

July 30, 2012 Elections, News and Politics
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Israel, War, and Oil

This week Future Voices Co-Founder David Nicholas was on with Neil Cavuto on Fox Business discussing the implications of war in the Middle East and

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“We do it better, we do it safer and we do it more efficiently” -Rep. Michele Bachmann

Future Voices Co-Founder David Nicholas interviewed Rep. Michele Bachmann on the Ty J. Young show. Watch the interview below!

March 18, 2011 Interviews, Videos, World
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Brigitte Gabriel & The Christian Church in Egypt

Brigitte Gabriel met up with David Nicholas at the 2011 CPAC conference to discuss the plight and safety of Christians in Egypt due to the

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Ready. Set. START Over.

By David Nicholas -Future Voices Merry Christmas. I speak from all of us at Future Voices when I say Merry CHRIST-mas, just incase you missed

December 25, 2010 News and Politics
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