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It All Comes Down to This

It all comes down to this. Tomorrow is the only poll that will matter in the end. Who will the American people elect as the

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“Desperation” Sweeps Northeast While Obama Campaigns

With less than 4 days to go until election night President Barack Obama is facing his Watergate and his Katrina. The Benghazi cover up is

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White House Was Warned About Benghazi

Fox News is reporting on a classified cable that shows the Benghazi Consulate convened an emergency meeting one month before it was overrun by Al

November 01, 2012 Defense, General News, News Updates, U.S., World
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Obama’s Foreign Policy Fans

As the foreign policy debate came to a close all of the political pundits were vying to control the “spin” and attempting to determine who

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Rep. Allen West with Future Voices

Representative Allen West took time out before his Key Note Address to CPAC to speak with Kenan Knight of Future Voices of America. Representative West

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Compromise and America

By Kenan Knight – Future Voices of America In an op-ed piece for the Washington Examiner Andrew Rys stated, It pains me to see how

Democracy or Republic?

By Kenan Knight -Future Voices Democracy or Republic? That is the question. If you listen to many of our current day politicians, you would probably

August 08, 2010 Future Voices Originals

Home Vacancies Rise – Fannie & Freddie Not In Bill

By Kenan Knight -Future Voices With foreclosures on the rise, unemployment at 10% and bailouts of nearly every major indurstry, congress was able to pass

July 27, 2010 Future Voices Originals
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