David Nicholas


“We must engage in the political process and the activity of self-government for the same reason that we must engage in the activity of self-excercise. If someone else does either for us then we are robbed of any benefit. Someone else governing for us is like someone doing our pushups or jogging in our place. The exercise of governing makes us self-governing and thereby less in need of some outside power to rule our unruliness. We have been endowed with reason, common sense, and free will and should use these gifts to the highest degree with both gratitude and reverent caution. We live in the greatest country in the world, at the greatest time in the world. There has never been a better time to get involved and share our voice. It is important to know and understand what we believe, and we must stand for truth even when truth isn’t popular.”

  • B.S. in Finance with concentration in Economics from Kennesaw State University
  • President of Nicholas Wealth Management
  • Host of the “Protecting Your Retirement” radio show on 640AM WGST Saturdays at 3pm
  • Former Co-host of the Ty J. Young Show on Bloomberg Financial Radio 1190am
  • Twitter: DavidANicholas
  • Email: DavidNicholas@futurevoicesofamerica.org

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Kenan Knight


“Well, this is supposed to be “About Me”. The only problem is, this isn’t about me at all. This is about our generation raising up and saying enough is enough. Future Voices is about a generation of young people who will not sit around and watch Washington politicians strip away our freedoms and liberties one policy at a time. This is about a generation of young people who do not want to see their futures swindled away by out of control government spending. How do we stop this you ask? We join together with one voice and take back our future!  So about me… I just wanted a voice for myself and for every other young person who doesn’t want to watch their freedoms slip right through their fingertips. Well, here you go. . . It’s not about me – it’s about WE. Together WE can make a difference. Now let your voice be heard.”

  • Bachelor Degree from Kennesaw State University in Sports Management-Marketing
  • Member of NCAA DII Men’s Basketball National Championship Team
  • Commercial insurnace and life/disability specialist with Federated Insurance
  • Twitter: Kenan_Knight
  • Email: KenanKnight@FutureVoicesofAmerica.org

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John Boyko

Web/Creative Developer


I decided to join Dave and Kenan (whom originally started the organization) with FVA in the wake of the health care debate/vote.  After watching how congress handled itself – I was looking to find a way to contribute in some form or fashion.

Personally, I’m tired of the “republican” vs “democrat” debate — because both parties have lost their original values. I want to see our future political leaders have integrity — and I hope that rest of America does too.

  • Graduated with a marketing degree from Kennesaw State University in 2007
  • Working in marketing and creative development at a medium sized technology company.
  • Self taught in web design, graphic design, and visual effects.
  • Twitter:  Jhnboyko

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Sara Johnson

Social Media and Contributor

Truth isn’t always popular; in fact, it is rarely popular. But, after years of being lied to, America is starving for the truth. After working in the fitness industry for a year, and even getting into the Medical College of GA for DPT school, I felt I was being led to be a part of the solution to America’s problems. I hope to change the conversation and engage my peers in the decisions happening everyday that are going to effect their future.

Since I started working with Future Voices, I have organized our Flash Mob of Kindness event and the Restoring Courage viewing party, which was held at Georgia Tech. I have found I have a passion for helping charities obtain the tools they need to truly help people. People helping people is the only way to get America off the government dole, and back to a land of person responsibility and integrity.  View my articles!

  • Graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor in Health and Human Sciences.
  • Social Media Coordinator for Mercury Radio Arts/Glenn Beck
  • Editor for Misfit Politics
  • Follow me on Twitter : SaraCJohnsonGA
  • My Blog: Generation912
  • Contact: SaraJohnson@futurevoicesofamerica.org

FVA side note: Sara has joined Future Voices to handle our Social Media outlet…and lets just say, she had a huge impact starting day one!  Be sure to follow Future Voices and Sara on Twitter to get the latest scoop!  She beats a lot of people to the punch on posting the news that is going on!