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The Sour Apple of Knowledge

As a kid, I can remember being told by my parents how easy I had it compared to what it was like when they were

April 22, 2011 Opinion
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Moore Money, Moore Problems

If I could choose a ruler for hypocrites, I would make Michael More Emperor, with Chris Matthews as advisor, and Al Gore as court jester.

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Bloggers of the World Unite

Due to inspiration from the united unionization and union-ness of the union workers of America, I have determined that Future Voices of America, and indeed

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The Brotherhood Grim

With Mubarak out of the door in Egypt, and Gadaffi’s Libya threatening to erupt into civil war, the Muslim Brotherhood has been rubbing their hands

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The Art of Poor

You would think by the way the left fawns over the poor they would have an amplified respect for them, but obviously that’s not the

February 02, 2011 News and Politics, Opinion
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The American Progeny

Of all my interests and hobbies, politics is the one that I can’t get away from, but, ironically, is the one that potentially bores me

January 18, 2011 Opinion
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The Grief Rally

It started with a prayer. Not your typical church on Sunday prayer, but a prayer unlike most Americans have ever heard. With the families and

January 14, 2011 Opinion
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Nobody Wins The Blame Game

It’s become pretty obvious that here in America we can politicize anything. No right-leaning American can speak out against something without being a racist, bigot,

January 10, 2011 News and Politics, Opinion
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