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Future Thinkers of America

As I sat listening to my father (Dr. Michael Youssef) explain to his audience, what growing up under a dictatorship in Egypt was like, I

February 11, 2011 Latest News, Opinion
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Christians Attacked In Egypt

When we hear of terrorist attacks like the one that took place at al-Qiddissin church in Alexandria, Egypt on New Years Eve night, we tend

January 06, 2011 News and Politics
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Sayed Mossa: The Persecuted Church

By Jonathan Youseff -International Director for Leading The Way -Future Voices If you stood for something you believe in when there was only opposition around, what

2010: See You At The Pole

By Jonathan Youssef -International Director for Leading The Way -Future Voices On Wednesday September 22, 2010 students around the country will gather around flag poles at

September 21, 2010 Jonathan Youssef, News and Politics
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Prime Minister Viktor Orban: The Power of Prayer

In an ‘on demand’ culture we find ourselves wanting immediate results with little effort put forth. This phenomenon is not only found in the secular

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