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It All Comes Down to This

It all comes down to this. Tomorrow is the only poll that will matter in the end. Who will the American people elect as the

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White House Was Warned About Benghazi

Fox News is reporting on a classified cable that shows the Benghazi Consulate convened an emergency meeting one month before it was overrun by Al

November 01, 2012 Defense, General News, News Updates, U.S., World
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Obama’s Foreign Policy Fans

As the foreign policy debate came to a close all of the political pundits were vying to control the “spin” and attempting to determine who

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Who is Frank Marshal Davis?

Dinesh D’Souza is the President of King’s College and a writer who has a film coming out entitled “Obama’s America: 2016”. The Blaze has gained

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Gentlemen, This Is A Football

    In the locker room before the first practice of every new football season, legendary NFL coach Vince Lombardi would assemble his team of

February 20, 2012 Economy, U.S.
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Unions In Their Own Words, NEA Bob Chanin

This will tell you everything you need to know about unions. He was wrong about one thing – all of those people don’t choose to

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Wisconsin Senate Passes Bill

Wisconsin protestors are furious that Republicans “held Democracy hostage” by passing the law that helps the state shore up budgets woes. Really? How about the

March 09, 2011 Latest News, News and Politics
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ObamaCare, Waivers and Pavers to a Single Payer

The “Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act” – what a misleading name. As an insurance broker working with small and medium size businesses I

March 09, 2011 Social
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